Redmi Gaming Phone Coming this Month with Dimensity 1200 + E4 Straight Screen

Redmi Gaming Phone Coming this Month

MediaTek’s new 5G chips this year, Dimensity 1100 and Dimensity 1200, have both been released, of which the first new Vivo S9 equipped with Dimensity 1100 will be released tonight, but some higher-end Dimensity 1200 is slow to move.

Earlier at the MediaTek new product launch, the Redmi brand general manager showed up to reveal that Redmi would debut MediaTek’s flagship platform processor Dimensity 1200 and that it would be a gaming phone, which instantly sparked the attention of users.

In today’s morning, Lu Weibing posted a message asking people to guess if there would be an E4 straight screen among so many new releases in March, and as a result, he was urged by netizens to quickly stock the Redmi Dimensity gaming phone. He also replied to the netizens in the comments saying: Yes.

The new Redmi gaming phone powered by Dimensity 1200 is expected to be released this month at the earliest, and the screen is still designed with an E4 straight screen, which is very friendly for gamers.

The new Dimensity 1200 processor is reportedly built using TSMC’s 6nm process, with a flagship tri-cluster architecture design of 1+3+4 CPUs, including a Cortex-A78 mega-core at 3.0GHz, with a nine-core GPU and six-core MediaTek APU 3.0, as well as dual-channel UFS 3.1, a significant increase in platform performance.

MediaTek has also made special optimizations for gaming performance, with its newly upgraded MediaTek HyperEngine 3.0 gaming optimization engine, which brings many industry-leading innovations in-network, control, intelligent load, and graphics performance.

Besides, for the current cell phone in the case of high-speed rail, elevator pain points, Dimensity 1200 chip also brings high-speed rail mode, elevator mode, etc., in special scenarios have better network connectivity and performance, effectively reducing the game network delay and lag.

Lu Weibing has said that the Dimensity 1200 has excellent results in real-world testing, with better power consumption and energy efficiency performance, and the new upgraded engine makes the gaming function have a more excellent experience.


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