Meizu Flyme 9 OS Unveiled Along with Flyme For Watch OS

Meizu Flyme 9 OS Unveiled Along with Flyme For Watch OS

Meizu Flyme 9 and Flyme For Watch official introduction

Meizu said that the system, as the medium of interaction between the user and the phone, is the soul of the user experience. Flyme has been a classic in every generation, with its simple and elegant design and innovative and practical functions, creating the ultimate experience for users. Flyme 9 focuses on lightness and orderliness, bringing simplified visual elements, unified design language, and a new design notification center.

Meizu Flyme 9 Official Commercial Video

Simplify the visual elements:

Unified design language:

Newly designed notification center:

The rest screen display:

Alive wallpaper:

Flyme 9 intentional motion effects:

Meizu Flyme 9 Features Tour (all-in-one)

Flyme 9 Privacy Protection

We often grant many permissions when we use our phones daily. Many information, even without authorization, can be accessed by apps. We don’t realize that apps may learn a lot about our privacy, such as gender, age, workplace, hobbies, etc., through this information. This kind of privacy violation is becoming more and more widespread and a social issue of great concern.

Flyme 9 has always attached great importance to the protection of user privacy and has introduced several privacy protection features, which are well received by users. But we know that can’t let up for a moment. Today, Flyme 9, has upgraded privacy protection capabilities significantly and brought users four privacy guarding treasures. This time, Flyme provides a “Privacy Risk Self-Test” app for all Android phones to help you understand privacy risks more easily.

Guardian Scepter:

All-seeing Eagle Eye:

Invisible wonderful boots:

Privacy cloak:

Flyme’s Aicy

Flyme 9 Supported devices

Tomorrow, Meizu 18 dual flagship phones will be released with Flyme 9 first. Meizu 17 and Meizu 17 Pro will be open for internal testing at 6 pm today, and the first internal testing version will be pushed on March 5, and the stable version will be pushed in May. The adaptation of more models is also in order, and we will announce the details one after another.

Flyme For Watch – A new design language for watches.

Meizu in addition to bringing a new version of Flyme 9 today, but also surprised to bring Flyme for Watch operating system, about this Meizu smartwatch, in fact, as early as last year Meizu has officially announced that will be released in the Q4 quarter of 2020, but until today there has been no hardware news, today the official position finally said, “this smartwatch product will be officially released in May this year.”

Regarding the system of the watch, Meizu also devoted a lot of space to introduce it, and its features are as follows.

OneMind, the performance optimization engine on Flyme, has also come to Flyme for Watch. The core capabilities are deeply customized for the hardware characteristics and usage scenarios of the watch, and there are as many as 300 special optimizations. In most scenarios, the system’s fluency has reached 60 frames per second, and the battery life has been improved by up to 70% from the original.

Flyme 9 Small Window 3.0 Hands-On Experience

Flyme 9 Small Window 3.0 Hands-On Experience


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