OPPO Find X3 Series Release Date Announced: Debuting Globally with “Awaken Colour” Tagline

OPPO Find X3 Series Release Date

OPPO Find X3 Series Release Date

In today’s morning, Oppo officially brought a new product preview, officially announced the release of its flagship product Find X3 Series in 2021, OPPO said, “Join us for the “OPPO Find X3 Series launch event on Thursday, March 11th. It’s going to be out of this world. “AwakenColour.”

The specific OPPO Find X3 Series release date is March 11 at 5:00 pm Monday in India (March 11, 2021, 11:30 a.m. GMT / 12:30 CET). Besides, in fact, regarding the exterior design, we have already had very clear high-definition original pictures revealed earlier.

OPPO Find X3 Series Release Date

The biggest design highlight in terms of appearance is the adoption of a unified scheme of the rear housing and lens module, officially called “Impossible Surface”, which shows that in this regard, OPPO is still very confident. Besides, today’s original OPPO executive Shen Yiren also issued an article praising the OPPO Find X3 Pro phone, he said: OPPO Find X3 Pro is the best feel of the Android flagship released in the past six months, warm, no abrupt feeling, love it.

The new OPPO Find X3 series will be equipped with the first full-link color management system, and through hardware and software innovation to bring more outstanding color performance. Find X3 users will get a more outstanding display experience. The industry speculates that the OPPO Find X3 series may use a multi-curve design, compared to the traditional single curve ID, OPPO Find X3 series in processing more difficult, the feel will be better.

The last generation of the Find X2 series was released on March 6 last year, its super high-quality screen and charging experience now is still the first echelon of products, so it is highly praised by users, this time Find X3 new release, can continue the glory of Find X2? We will wait and see.

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