Critical Meizu 18 Pro Specifications and Rear Appearance Leaked by Promotional Material

Meizu 18 Pro rear appearance

Meizu 18 Pro Specifications and Rear Appearance

Meizu 18 series will be released on March 3, today Meizu customary in its official microblogging for the new machine publicity warm-up. Officially, among them, Meizu 18 has “dissolve in the palm of the N curve micro-arc”, and said “good feel, Meizu made”, while the latest rendering of the front of Meizu 18 was announced. Besides, Meizu said Meizu 18 Pro is equipped with a 4500mAh large-capacity battery, with ultra-long battery life.

As you can see, Meizu only announced the battery capacity of Meizu 18 Pro today but did not announce the battery figures of the standard version of Meizu 18, presumably because the battery is not big enough due to its small 6.2-inch screen, so today just said the information on the curved surface of the new machine screen.

Furthermore, following the news, today we have spotted Meizu 18 Pro Specifications revealing through leaked official promotional material. One of the posters states, “at first glance, amazing eyes, this solution, calmly like a lake, deeply abreast. Light away from the screen. Favorite real colors are in front of the arc. This elegant, glance.”

In terms of design, another poster text include, “Picking it up, the wonderful and gentle curve makes the hand feel just right, and the AG glass is as delicate as the skin. This wonderful touch is transmitted from the fingers to the heart. Sliding, silky and delicate, the refresh rate of 120 frames are smooth as silk, and the mEngine’s touch makes the engine tremble to the soul.”

Finally, the poster is all about camera and hardware information, which mentions: reach and appreciate the flagship combination of extraordinary Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor, LPDDR5 memory, and UFS3.1 flash memory, aiming to maximize performance, breaking through conventions every second and challenging the future.

For the Meizu 18 Pro camera, the poster highlights, “With the shooting, freeze the beautiful full-scene AR low-light four-camera system. With a purer picture, a broader field of view, a more subtle perception, and a faster focus, you can keep every moment in your life beautiful.” Meizu 18 Pro camera packs a 3D ToF lidar deep sensing detection, 1/1.3″ 50MP super outsole (suspected Samsung ISOCELL GN1), 129° super wide-angle, 2cm super macro and supports SMA OIS super anti-shake.

Officially, the front camera is a 44-megapixel lens located on the top center of the device. While this time rear camera layout design was completely redesigned with a matrix layout from the previous horizontal layout. What do you think of the back design of Meizu 18 Pro this time?


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