Suspected Xiaomi 11 Pro Back Shell Showing Revamp Camera Layout and Colors

Xiaomi 11 Pro Back Shell

Suspected Xiaomi 11 Pro Back Shell

After the release of Xiaomi 11, many people’s eyes are fixed on the longer-term and more powerful configuration of Xiaomi 11 super flagship, especially in terms of hardware and lens will have what kind of upgrade, very much to be expected.

According to the information brought by netizens, the strength of the Xiaomi 11 super flagship model in the first half of this year in terms of photo-taking will be expected to ask for the first position, the specific content is, “the first half of this year’s photo contest champion seeded players first scheduled Huawei P50 Pro+ and Xiaomi 11 mega cup, OPPO Find X3 Pro and Vivo X60 Pro+ closely followed.”

These four phones, in addition to the Vivo X60 Pro+, has been released to the market, OPPO Find X3 will be released in March, has previously been officially announced, the other two phones are also expected to debut in March, but the official has not given the exact news, so, for the time being, can not be asserted.

In addition to the four phones themselves are each brand’s product line in the mega-cup models, in terms of photography also have exclusive “skills”, including the P50 Pro+ Leica support with Sony IMX800, OPPO’s image capabilities are never weak, Vivo pulled Carl Zeiss, Xiaomi 11 mega-cup will debut Samsung’s new ISOCELL GN2, 1/1.12 inches of the large bottom is its unique weapon, this year’s cell phone photography and have a good show.

Following the news, today we have spotted Xiaomi 11 Pro back shell exposing a similar design to Xiaomi 11 and having yellow, black, sky blue, and dark blue colors but with different camera set-up. The news said to trustworthy as the source has a good reputation leaking internal news, most of them are related to screen protector, panel, back shell, etc.

According to leaked photos, Xiaomi 11 Pro packs at least three camera modules, among them the main camera cut-out is relatively larger than Mi 11; below the main camera a square cut-out, which should be for periscope/telephoto lens replacing Mi 11’s wide lens. The third lens located in the next line could be macro or just placed wide-angle lens to a new position. Another change is in the position of LED, which is now located outside the layout. As photos are not so clear, but we can guess typos near the camera could be “50MP” next wording is completely blurred.

Update: On the morning of 28th February, se source brought Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro Back Shell Hands-on Video showing a more clearer appearance of it, “50MP, 50X” printed on camera module layout.

Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro Back Shell Hands-on Video

If news goes true, then Xiaomi 11 Pro may also use Samsung’s brand new ISOCELL GN2 50MP with 1/1.12-inch size lens, as same Pro+ or Mi 11 Ultra’s main camera. Stay tuned, we will follow-up on the story and will bring more exciting related news.

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