Red Magic 6 Touch Sampling Reaches 500Hz while 2 Models Differentiated

Nubia Red Magic 6 Touch Sampling and difference between Pro and standard version unveiled.

The Red Magic Gaming Phone Series 6 will be officially released on March 4, and this time in cooperation with Tencent, officially named Tencent Red Magic Gaming Phone 6, is expected to make exclusive optimizations for Tencent games.

Nubia president, Ni Fei already highlighted charging and heat dissipation technology earlier along with some of the display specifications. The screen is one of the main highlights of the series, with a refresh rate of 165Hz, but I don’t know if it’s standard across the board. As for power consumption, Nubia president Ni Fei said that the 165Hz high refresh rate will not lead to more power consumption.

Tested by the Red Magic Lab, the 165Hz mode of Tencent Red Magic 6 is even lower than the 120Hz mode of Red Magic 5G in static standby scenario, so you can feel free to experience the extreme speed and speed brought by 165Hz, achieved with the industry’s first CPHY-DSI interface. Compared to the DPHY interface commonly used in the market, CPHY improves the transmission rate by more than 2 times and reduces power consumption by 20%-50%.

Besides the above-mentioned display features, Red Magic 6 touch sampling has another breakthrough. According to Ni Fei, the screen touch sampling rate is 500Hz for a single finger and 360Hz for multiple fingers. Tencent Red Magic 6 accidentally won the two fastest in the industry. Coupled with the 165Hz screen refresh rate, the single-finger touch response time is as low as 8 milliseconds, and the response speed is almost invincible whether it is sliding, hand movement, or clicking.

Nubia Red Magic 6 Touch Sampling

In the meantime, two new Nubia models NX660J and NX669J-P were previously certified, and sources say the machine is the Red Magic 6 series, which is further confirmed by the public announcement of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology document photo as the Red Magic phone.

The appearance design of Tencent Red Magic Gaming Phone 6 continues the design language of the previous Red Magic 5G Gaming phone. The lines have become more concise. The color corresponding to pink and blue matches the texture on the back, giving it a bit more cyberpunk flavor. The logos of Red Magic and Tencent Games are also printed on the back of the fuselage. The front design of the phone will adopt an asymmetrical design instead of a perforated screen design. Ni Fei also announced the official makeup photos of the Tencent Red Magic Gaming Phone 6.

If you pull up the exposure, you can see the air ducts on the left and right sides of the body, confirming the built-in high-speed centrifugal fan, up to 20,000 rpm, which is claimed to reduce the CPU core temperature by 16°C. Also evident on the side of the body are the gaming shoulder keys, which have been officially previewed to indicate a 400Hz touch sampling rate dual-touch gaming shoulder keys as standard.

Furthermore, MIIT also listed some core specifications of series; the vanilla Red Magic 6 battery is 5000mAh+, 66W charger and measures 169.86 × 77.19 × 9.7mm; while Red Magic 6 Pro battery typical value 4500mAh, 120W charger and measures 169.86 × 77.19 × 9.8mm, slightly thicker. With 120W fast charging, 4500mAh dual-cell battery solution that can officially charge from 0 to 50% in 5 minutes.

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