Xiaomi Foldable Phone MIIT Certification Hints Next Month Launch

Xiaomi Foldable Phone MIIT Certification

Samsung, Huawei, Moto have launched their folding screen models, as the domestic mainstream manufacturers of Xiaomi and Oppo/Vivo have not moved, are in the laboratory on hold. But Xiaomi may have taken action, early this year began to spread rumors that Xiaomi will launch its first foldable screen flagship in the first half of the year, under which series is temporarily unknown.

There are always a lot of informed bigwigs who will fire modify or delete after exposing some fierce news. Yesterday, Digital Chat Station posted that “MIUI for Pad will soon be available in prototype form”, but then quickly edited it and changed the content.

But if you think this is about the new Xiaomi tablet, you’re wrong, because in the comments section it shows “this pad is not the other pad, the real pad will have to wait”, and smart users have already guessed that this Pad is not a tablet product, but Xiaomi’s foldable screen products. It can be seen that Xiaomi not only has a new foldable screen product in the line-up, and MIUI has also been adapted to such a product form, we can also soon see the prototype of the installed machine.

Xiaomi Foldable Phone MIIT Certification

Following the news, today, a model M2011J18C Xiaomi new machine through the Ministry of Public Information certification, a blogger said that the machine is the corresponding Xiaomi foldable screen flagship, the core configuration equipped with Snapdragon 888. The specific network information has not been announced, only that the machine supports dual cards, 5G network, running Android system, not surprisingly MIUI 12, will be made according to the foldable screen form related adaptations.

Previous reports claim that Xiaomi is expected to launch three foldable-screen phones in 2021. They are the external folding type, internal folding type, and flip-type, which are the three current mainstream forms. Besides, the design of the external folding type is similar to Huawei Mate X, so the size is larger than the other two.

Previously there was a suspected live photo of Xiaomi foldable screen engineering machine, showing that the machine is designed to fold inside, and the screen does not have any openings, showing a complete full screen. The front has a more obvious crease, even more, abrupt than the mass-produced folding screen models, but only for the sake of engineering machines, and authenticity has yet to be verified.

Xiaomi foldable-screen phone may be using Samsung OLED panel, unfolded for the 8.03-inch screen, in addition to a 6.38-inch secondary screen on the back. Time, the rumor is that machine is expected to debut in the first half of the year, said to be March, we will see.

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