Sony IMX800, A 1-inch Super Bottom CMOS Will Debut With Huawei P50 Series

Sony IMX800 will debut with Huawei P50 Series

Sony IMX800 will debut with Huawei P50 Series

Huawei recently launched a new generation of folding screen flagship Mate X2, which not only developed many innovative technologies for the folding screen but also equipped with Huawei’s top Kirin 9000 processor, which has extremely great performance.

According to the related news, Huawei another flagship new product P50 series equipped with Kirin 9000 may also be unveiled in the upcoming months. As previously reported that, the Huawei P50 Series will be equipped with a new generation of the super imaging system, camera module ID design will also be greatly changed. So, what kind of breakthrough it will bring?

The latest news speculates that the Sony is expected to release a 1-inch IMX800 CMOS in April, which will be the 1-inch super bottom, the largest cell phone CMOS ever bottom, directly surpassing the GN2 released by Samsung only three days ago, GN2’s bottom is 1/1.12 inches (Huawei Mate40 series of IMX700 1/1.28 inches).

Huawei P50 series will also usher in a major upgrade in the imaging system, which will be equipped with the latest generation Sony IMX800 image sensor. This is Sony’s largest sensor ever and will become the world’s largest bottom sensor, and with Huawei’s R&D and strong computational photography algorithm, imagine system will go further next level.

According to past practice, the Huawei P50 series will have three versions of the standard, Pro and Pro+, hardware configuration in increasing order. Huawei P50 series will be equipped with Sony IMX800 CMOS as standard for the whole series, and all three new models will have a 50-megapixel mega bottom and RYYB array, which will bring qualitative improvement to the photography level of the series, especially the night shooting performance is very worth looking forward to.

The previous generations of Huawei P series and Mate series of new machines are used specifically to Sony custom CMOS practice to enhance the ability to take pictures, so this time the 1-inch large base Sony IMX800 is likely to be Huawei very early on has already talked to Sony about cooperation. With these years of Huawei + Leica tuning, coupled with the world’s largest bottom 1 inch CMOS support, I believe Huawei P50 Pro+ this time will be the most advanced camera phone.

Samsung and Sony can be said to be almost indistinguishable in terms of the hardware parameters of their top products. Currently, in the field of smartphone image sensors, the competition between Japan’s Sony and South Korea’s Samsung is becoming more and more anxious, and the two have almost monopolized all high-end flagship markets.

So who will be the first manufacturer? Samsung GN2 is rumored to be exclusive for Xiaomi 11 Ultra, Xiaomi’s top flagship phone. While the Sony IMX800 debut model is also a traditional photo veteran, Huawei P50 Series’ models.


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