Red Magic 6 with a CPHY-DSI Interface; 165Hz Use Less Power than 120Hz Display: 400Hz Shoulder Key Live Video

Red Magic 6 with a CPHY-DSI Interface packed for the first time, less power consumption than 120Hz. Additionally, Red Magic 6 MIIT ID Photos and Red Magic Watch weight and battery life were announced.

Following the previous generation of Red Magic 5G with 144Hz high brush, Tencent Red Magic 6 pushed the screen refresh rate to a new level, 165Hz refresh rate has also become the highest refresh rate in the current gaming phone industry.

Well, the question raised that, “Will 165Hz high refresh rate mode be particularly power-hungry?” Today, Nubia president Ni Fei said, 165Hz display mode will not lead to more power consumption.

This time, to give more extreme play to the smooth experience brought by the 165Hz refresh rate and reasonably control power consumption, the Red Magic cell phone team equipped the Tencent Red Magic 6 with a CPHY-DSI interface (the first in the industry). Compared to the DPHY interface commonly used in the market, CPHY improves the transmission rate by more than 2 times and reduces power consumption by 20%-50%.

Tested by the Red Magic Laboratory, the maximum brightness static standby scenario, Tencent Red Magic 6 165Hz mode even lower than the Red Magic 5G 120Hz mode screen power consumption, you can rest assured to experience the 165Hz brought about by the extremely fast and smooth.

In addition to a 165Hz high brush, Tencent Red Magic 6 also comes standard with dual touch gaming shoulder keys with a more ergonomic design and nano-injection molding process, which can withstand more than 2 million clicks. What’s more, Tencent Red Magic 6 touch sampling rate has achieved 400Hz, which will allow more FPS hand game players to easily cross the level of mastering six-finger professional operation.

Nubia Red Magic 6 400Hz Touch Game Shoulder Key Live Demonstration

Red Magic 6 carries the top gaming screen in the history of Red Magic Gaming Phone, besides the world’s first 165Hz refresh rate, the primary color screen, 1.07 billion colors (10bit), DCI-P3 full-color gamut display is also top of everything.

Furthermore, today Ministry of Industry has published the Red Magic 6 design ID photos. The overall layout of the back is still inherited from the previous generation, equipped with a centered triple camera module, camera specifications are not expected to change much, the specifications are 64 megapixels main camera + 8 megapixels super wide-angle + 2 megapixels super macro lens, while the back is also printed with the word “06”. While the previously leaked live photo, said to be Red Magic 6 Pro.

It will be equipped with Snapdragon 888 chip, has an excellent heat dissipation system, supports 120W fast charging, comes standard with a 120W GaN charger, and uses a 4500mAh dual-cell battery solution, which can officially charge from 0 to 50% in 5 minutes.

Along with the new Red Magic 6 release, Red Magic will also launch a dual-core cooling back clip with a dual-fan + dual semiconductor chip design that supports RGB lighting effects, Bluetooth connectivity, and App smart control of lighting effects and wind gears.

It is worth mentioning that at the Red Magic 6 launch will also be launched a Red Magic smartwatch with a 454 resolution 1.39-inch AMOLED screen, supporting an all-weather rest screen display. According to Ni Fei, the watch weighs only 30 grams with its large display without sacrificing battery life, it can last up to 15 days through a single full charge.

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