Red Magic 6 Pro Pack 165Hz OLED While Having 400Hz Shoulder Keys

Red Magic 6 Pro with 165hz OLED display

Nubia Red Magic 6 Series equipped with 400hz touch sampling shoulder keys, while Red Magic 6 Pro Confirmed to pack a 165Hz refresh rate OLED display

Nubia president Ni Fei today continued to do warm-up publicity for the upcoming Tencent Red Magic 6 gaming phone series, hinting that the machine will bring a higher screen refresh rate than 144, “will once again lead the industry trend.”

Red Magic 5G had the industry’s highest 144Hz refresh rate screen for the first time. The first high refresh rate of the Tencent Red Magic 6 is likely to be the more popular 165Hz refresh rate screen from the supply chain perspective. Following the official warm-up, well-known Weibo blogger Digital Chat Station revealed that the Red Magic 6 Pro will be equipped with a 165Hz OLED display, which is also the highest screen refresh rate in the history of cell phone products.

The ultra-high refresh rate will also bring a smoother, smoother experience for the Red Magic 6 Pro, which can display 165 frames in a second, nearly three times higher than the 60Hz of ordinary screens, and will have a more stunning visual experience for both daily use and gaming experience.

Furthermore, Ni Fei has also posted an article announcing that the Red Magic 6 series will be equipped with 400Hz touch sampling rate dual-touch gaming shoulder keys, which can handle touch operations extremely fast, but also with the screen to achieve six-finger operation, the gaming experience is particularly excellent. In a comprehensive view, the Red Magic this time will be related to the game performance of the hardware configuration piled to the extreme, in addition to its unique air-cooled cooling system, will bring a bright real – gaming phone.

The standard dual-touch gaming shoulder button adopts a more ergonomic design and nano-injection integrated molding process, which can withstand more than 2 million clicks. What is even more frightening is that the touch sampling rate has reached 400Hz (probably the first in the industry), fast response, fast speed! It will allow more FPS mobile game players to easily leapfrog the six-finger professional operation!

– said, Ni Fei.

Equipped with the top gaming e-sports screen in the history of the Red Devils game mobile phone, the world’s first 165Hz refresh rate, a new benchmark for true and smooth! Of course, in addition to the top refresh rate, the primary color screen, 1.07 billion colors (10bit), and DCI-P3 full color gamut are also top-notch! The press conference on March 4th, see the result!

Update: Ne Fei

It is worth mentioning that this time, Red Magic will also join hands with Tencent to create this phone, which will achieve deep optimization of Tencent’s full range of games by accessing Tencent’s customized Solar Core game acceleration engine and reach far beyond the industry standard.

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