Realme GT Bumblebee Leather Version Unveiled Using SS VC Cooling

Realme GT Bumblebee Leather Version

Realme GT bumblebee leather version process technology unveiled. It uses stainless steel VC Cooling System. The new dual-flagship strategy announced

Today is the first day of the MWC Shanghai opening, Realme officially brought the appearance and part of the internal design concept of its new machine Realme GT bumblebee leather version which will be released at March 4th’s conference.

Realme GT Bumblebee Leather Version

According to the description brought by realme China president Xu Qi, realme Realme GT will have a model called God of War Special Edition – Aurora, its main color scheme is the kind of yellow + black patchwork color design leaked out before, where the yellow material is now a lot of high-end machines will use the vegan leather material, Xu Qi said.

Super fine grain surface 2.0

The process took nine months of research and development, the pioneering vegan leather splicing process, using an integrated PC spraying process, to ensure the delicate texture and soft feel of vegan leather at the same time so that the double material tightly spliced, the texture is extraordinary. The industry’s first spraying and printing process, compared to the traditional coating and printing, significantly improve the texture and comfortable feel of the leather.

At the same time, as a main game and performance aspects of the phone, internal cooling is certainly not bad, Realme official microblogging said: Realme GT will use a new generation of VC Boost cooling technology while carrying a new generation of 3D toughened liquid cooling system, material + structure double optimization, wild performance, fast enough, strong enough.

Realme GT Stainless Steel VC Cooling System

Realme GT, in addition to the surging performance of the top 5nm chip Snapdragon 888, also has a long-lasting endurance, in terms of heat dissipation is equipped with our latest cooling technology VC boost – 3D tempered liquid cooling, 100% coverage of the core heat source, CPU core cooling up to 15℃, 50% higher than the previous generation, in the material and structure of the dual optimization, to do a “cool” performance flagship.

The company also announced its “dual-flagship strategy (Performance Flagship + Camera Flagship)” for Realme 2021, with a comprehensive mid-to-high-end product line. Realme also said that its sales for 2021 continue to grow rapidly, with the number of global users officially exceeding 70 million. Realme Vice President and Global Marketing President Xu Qi said, “Next, realme will focus on the Chinese and European markets.”

The dual-flagship strategy in which Realme will use both Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 series and MediaTek Dimensity series dual flagship 5G platform to create two flagship series of performance and photography.

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