Oppo Air Charging Technology Demonstrated on Oppo X 2021 Rollable

Oppo Air Charging Technology Demonstrated on Oppo X 2021 Rollable

Oppo Air Charging Technology live Demonstration on Oppo X 2021 Rollable Phone

OPPO’s previously previewed new charging technology was officially announced at today’s MWC. OPPO first raised the question: the future of charging, what should it look like? Then as this charging technology showcase is an OPPO Rollable retractable screen phone, from the charging situation, OPPO this time brought also “Oppo Air Charging” technology because the phone can be complete without touching any charging device even in the mobile grip state can also achieve the effect of charging.

Oppo Air Charging Technology live Demonstration

With OPPO Rollable phone to demonstrates the Air Charging technology, which also supports multi-angle and charging while playing, and the power can reach 7.5W. I hope it will be mass-produced soon. Compared to the current wired charging and wireless charging board contact wireless fast charging, so that the real wireless charging first of all in the use of scenarios more in line with the meaning of wireless charging, and in the use of the situation is also more convenient, completely no longer limited to and any wire connection and contact, so that charging is like wifi at any time and anywhere.

Currently in the industry to show this technology in addition to Xiaomi, OPPO will finally follow up, OPPO’s strength in charging technology in the past few years is very strong, its 65W fast charging technology has been popularized to their own thousand yuan machine, can be called a model to promote technological progress. Stay tuned for further specific details.

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