Meizu 18 Release Date Announced: Flyme 9 OS Joining Together

Meizu 18 Release Date

After the Spring Festival, the time for major cell phone manufacturers to release new machines has officially arrived, and in addition to the Redmi K40 series and other models being preheated, many new machines began to the official announcement, it can be said that February and March is the peak period for new cell phone releases.

The cell phone for a long time no action Meizu official announcement of a good show, see you at 10 o’clock today. As soon as the preview came out, it was speculated by many netizens and have said, is Flyme 9 and Meizu 18 will be released?

This morning, the official Meizu technology announced through the microblogging, Meizu 2021 spring new product release week is coming. It is understood that the 2021 spring new product release week will be held from March 1 to March 3, in which Meizu will carry out the 18th-anniversary promotional film “These 18 years” on March 1 for the whole network premiere.

It is reported that Meizu Technology was founded on March 14, 2003, it has been 18 years, this time, Meizu Technology took the opportunity to release the 18th anniversary of the promo, which can be considered significant. Three in a row Meizu official announcement 2021 new product release week: Flyme 9, Meizu 18 to come!

Of course, in addition to the promo, the highly anticipated Flyme 9 and Meizu 18 series 5G dual flagship launch will also meet with you on March 2 and March 3, respectively. It is worth mentioning that in the Meizu warm-up poster can be found, this Meizu 18 series is expected to use a curved screen design.

Meizu 18 Release Date Poster

Together with Meizu 18 series, there is another brand of new machines to be released in March, which can be said to be lively and unusual, and not only the phone, the new Flyme 9 will also be released along with the new machine, Meizu 18 will be factory pre-installed. Unfortunately, there is no specific news about Flyme 9 and Meizu 18, but there is only about a week left, and the official will certainly give in the next pre-release, like the friends more wait for it.

Not long ago, the online circulation of the suspected Meizu 18 system parameters screenshots triggered hot debate among netizens. From the picture, it is known that Meizu 18 standard version will be equipped with the upgraded version of Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 – Snapdragon 870 flagship SoC.

It’s not often that two heavyweight new products are released in a week, which is rare in cell phone circles, knowing that once Meizu’s peak was only one launch a week. Of course, Flyme 9 and Meizu 18 series released every other day, can also be interpreted a lot of content, first of all, the highlights of the two new products will be quite a lot, a talk is not finished so released separately, there is a high probability that Meizu 18 series will be factory pre-installed Flyme 9 new system.


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