Samsung AR Glasses Lite Promotional Video Leaked Along With Futuristic Holographic Vision Concept

Samsung AR Glasses Lite Promotional Video showing Samsung’s plans regarding augmented reality wearables, while Holographic Vision demonstrates Next Wearable Computing.

Regarding augmented reality wearables, the plans of Facebook, Apple, and Microsoft are not yet clear, but several sources many times confirmed that their work is in progress. Recently, Samsung’s background work related to augmented reality wearables exposed by a well-known twitter blogger known as WalkingCat.

WalkingCat leaked Samsung AR Glasses Lite promotional videos on Twitter. One video name “Samsung AR Glasses Lite” while another one just ends with the “Samsung AR Glasses” name. WalkingCat mentioned the “R&D Vision Concept” because he may doubt that the promotional videos are just for internal R&D purposes only, or may not a final mass-produced version.

The Samsung Glasses Lite features a white resin frame with wide legs on both sides and is expected to have a built-in lithium battery. The glasses use translucent lenses, which can change the transparency and can also be used as sunglasses in the closed state. The glasses can support gamepads, wireless keyboards, smartwatches, and other devices, and are expected to be used without a PC. According to the demo video, the operating system is similar to a customized version of Android, so users can get a computer-like operating experience through the glasses.

Samsung AR Glasses Lite Promotional Video

Furthermore, the video also shows that glasses can be controlled using the Samsung Galaxy Watch. Videos can be played on the AR glasses by clicking on the Video Playback App. Samsung says the product uses a fusion control experience and supports video calling capabilities.

Samsung also showed a scene of drone control using the glasses in the video. The glasses display interface can show orientation, altitude, and other data, the upper right corner is the real-time image of the drone camera. Because of the small size of these glasses, it is not yet known whether the computing device that controls the glasses is located in the body of the glasses or relies on a smartphone. This solution requires a high level of integration and battery energy density, and it is expected that Samsung Glasses Lite will be available in near future.

Additionally, it will support Integrated Control, Portable Media, Dex Display, reply to mail with an attached physical keyboard, and video calls. What type of display technology Samsung is developing for this purpose, but details are shown in the video like how the AR screen is almost a square and that the top edge of the lenses is blacked out to hide technical components, all collectively point out on the mass-production ready device, not just a concept of technologies.

Samsung Holographic Vision Demonstrating Next Wearable Computing.

The second video below is completely dedicated to Samsung’s “Next Wearable Computing” vision which we only experienced in a sci-fi movie like JARVIS in IRON MAN. The video is demonstrating AR Glasses Holographic Vision and control scenarios like AR Office: complete with a projected keyboard that only the user sees and can use to type on. They can zoom in, with an unlimited field-of-view, unlike the first video; Holo Call: with full-body virtual guests; AR Simulation: room-scale immersion. Well, this video is said to be a concept vision only, but everything is possible.

Samsung Holographic Vision Demonstrating Next Wearable Computing

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