Redmi K40 CMF Of Series Using Eye-catching Inspiration

Redmi K40 CMF Of Series Using Eye-catching Look

Redmi K40 CMF

Today, the official Redmi Mobile released the first real-life picture of the Redmi K40 CMF of series, with the color scheme named “Ink Feather”. The official said that the K40’s ink feather is inspired by the world’s fastest knife, the Damascus knife pattern, like the stars are harsh, such as water waves, light sweeping through, more like the sharp edge of the blade to show.

Redmi Redmi Mobile says that the body design of the Redmi K40 series is inspired by the three most famous blades in the world. It has a wonderful and unusual knife pattern, the sharpest and most precious artwork, and is also known as the natural beauty of artificial sculpting. Behind the super tough, sharp, and beautiful blade is repeated forging and polishing and precise material proportioning.

As you can see from the poster, the Redmi K40 Black Edition has a more integral back, but not in a solid color, but with a pattern that resembles water flowing diagonally down from the top right, how does the face look? The camera layout on the back is symmetrical, similar to the elongated camera layout of Xiaomi 11.

Officially, the Redmi K40 series has big power and will never compromise, with a standard capacity of 4520mAh battery across the line, never sacrificing the range experience for any reason. The series is also claimed to have the same pursuit of the ultimate thin and light feel on the premise of the battery life, specific information to be officially announced.

Previous certification information shows that the Redmi K40 is equipped with a charger with a maximum power of 33W, meaning that it supports 33W wired fast charging, which remains the same as its predecessor. Comprehensively you can learn more here following the Redmi K40 tag.

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