Red Magic 6 Cooling Technology Detailed: 20000 RPM Fan Matching F1 Engine

Red Magic 6 Cooling Technology Specifications Detailed, equipped with 20000 RPM centrifugal fan and several other technologies. Red Magic Watch appearance announced.

Nubia officials have previously publicly announced that a new conference will be held on March 4 to officially launch a new generation of gaming phones – Tencent Red Magic 6. After highlighting charging technology, Today Ni Fei issued a text revealing that the Red Magic 6 cooling technology, stating it has the industry’s strongest flagship cooling system, in the air-cooled + liquid-cooled dual cooling system support can play a full-blooded performance of Snapdragon 888, more than 2 hours of continuous play and elite peace, the feeling is still just warm.

Red Magic 6 Cooling Technology Specifications

Subsequently, Ni Fei also disclosed the Red Magic 6 cooling system’s specifications, which uses the industry’s original built-in fan + canyon duct combination air cooling, plus VC liquid cooling (the industry’s thinnest 0.33mm), thermally conductive copper foil, thermal gel, high thermal conductivity graphite, aviation-grade aluminum alloy cooling ice blade, the highest seven-layer multi-dimensional cooling system.

According to Ni Fei, the Red Magic 6’s cooling design is probably the most complex and sophisticated cooling system in the industry today. Besides, the air-cooling system, which is the main strength of the Red Magic gaming phone, also received a new upgrade this time, with a built-in high-speed centrifugal fan of up to 20,000 rpm, comparable to the speed of a Formula 1 racing engine.

At the same time, Red Magic also increased the fan blades to 59, the maximum speed of 14m/s (comparable to the wind speed of class 7), with the new canyon air duct design of the north-south passageway, the air heat transfer coefficient increased by 500%, which can reduce the CPU core temperature by 16°C.

Configuration, Red Magic 6 this time will use ultra-high refresh rate OLED full-screen, the core is equipped with a top Snapdragon 888 processor, the body built 4500mAh, support 120W flash charging, standard 120W gallium nitride charger, five minutes to charge 50%. It is worth mentioning that Red Magic will Also release Red Magic Watch altogether, which is also revealed today by Ni Fei. Let’s take a look!

Red Magic Watch

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