Realme GT AnTuTu Benchmark is Different From Official Warm-up: Bumblebee Leather Back Leaked

Realme GT Yellow Leather Version

Realme GT AnTuTu Benchmark

Realme will officially release the new Realme GT on March 4, and now the official pre-launch has begun frequently. This morning, Realme Mobile officially announced that Realme GT will be equipped with a Snapdragon 888 processor, as well as UFS 3.1 flash memory, and a full-blooded version of LPDDR5 memory.

The so-called full-blooded version of LPDDR5 memory should be the same as Xiaomi 11, that is, the main frequency upgraded to 3200MHz and the data transfer rate increased to 6400Mbps. Other aspects, the latest revelation that the machine uses a 6.8-inch scoop screen, the resolution of 3200 × 1400, support 160Hz ultra-high refresh rate, battery capacity of 5000mAh, support 65W wired fast charging.

Realme will take over OPPO’s ACE product line-up with GT, from the name it is not difficult to see that it is still the main performance aspects, and the official also brought some configuration preview, but in addition to the internal hardware aspects, realme this time in the appearance of the upgrade, and even the first technology.

Realme GT Yellow Leather Version

According to the information brought by Digital Chat Station today: Realme GT also has a “bumblebee” plain leather version, the color is very testy, the back cover is the industry’s first vegetarian leather stitching process, zoom in to see the track texture and leather texture, feel completely satisfied.

Zoomed in

From the picture, he brought can see, Realme GT this time the pure yellow vegan leather rear shell looks performance model, which is also Realme signature color, the left side of the body a through the similar carbon fiber-like decorative strip also makes it look very recognizable but also represents some of the performance characteristics of sports cars.

This morning, realme officially announced the Realme GT AnTuTu Benchmark score, the official score is 770,221, and there is no unconnected prompt. But according to AnTuTu Benchmark official background data, AnTuTu found that the model number “RMX2202” has and only has a score of 688602, which is a big difference from the official score. For the time being, we are not sure why the results announced by Realme have not been reported, and AnTuTu Benchmark’s engineers are currently conducting a comprehensive investigation.

Realme GT AnTuTu Benchmark (From Official)

In response to this problem, AnTuTu also contacted the Realme side, the other side of the relevant people said (680,000 points) may be the early development of engineering machines, previously ran several times more than 700,000, but did not give a further statement. After the Realme GT is listed, AnTuTu will test its score to verify the results, the specific test results ranking results, please take the average score of the final announcement of the AnTuTu list shall prevail.

Realme GT AnTuTu Benchmark

In detail, the Realme GT AnTuTu Benchmark performance score divided as CPU – 187303, GPU – 293340, MEM – 100748, and UX – 107211 totaling a 688602 overall score. The official pre-release scores have been such a rhythm, but if the final product is listed after the user gets the machine does not run such a high score, and how to do it?

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