Oppo Find X3 Pro Microscope Camera Sample Stand Out: MIIT ID Photos Surfaces

Oppo Find X3 Pro 25x Macro Lens photos

Oppo Find X3 MIIT ID Photos

Many new smartphones are about to release in March, such as the wind rumored Mi 11 Pro, Huawei P50 Series, as well as the official announcement confirmed OPPO Find X3 series.

Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has several new OPPO machines on the network, with three models, equipped with 65W wired fast charging, is said to be Find X3 Series of Lite, Standard, and Pro models.

Today, a group of OPPO Find X3 of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology document photos out, the series of medium cup shape design at a glance, as shown in the front of the double-curved perforated screen, the curvature is not large, belongs to the micro-curved design. The back seems to be a vegetal leather material, the camera module for the rectangular layout, containing four cameras (IMX766 main), the news that the body is still thin and light.

Configuration, OPPO Find X3 front for 6.78-inch OLED 2412*1080p screen, support QHD + 120Hz high refresh rate, and has OPPO full-link color management system, is expected to have a large increase in screen quality. Core configuration, the machine is expected to carry Snapdragon 870 listed, and with a Snapdragon 888.

Oppo Find X3 Pro Microscope Camera Sample

For the OppoFind X3 Pro, the source states, “images can be, and a video night scene function is made. The video is very bright at night and the availability is very high. And the wide-angle main camera and super-wide-angle sub-camera are both IMX766, so the effect of the video is quite good.”

Besides Oppo Find X3 Pro also equipped a unique 3MP 25x macro lens, which can achieve the true microscopic effect. Now you can take a look at the final effect of the photo imaging. This picture is the effect after 25 times magnification, it looks like we saved money again to buy a microscope, now the phone is getting more and more advanced, as the picture is the insect wing surface cells, we take this function, can see clearly. It is indeed much more powerful than the one from Xiaomi, but I feel as if it is almost the same.

Oppo Find X3 Pro Microscope Camera Sample

We all have an impression first! Let’s see how OPPO explains it at the launch. Before seeing the OPPO translation of the X3’s photo interface, there is a function called microscope, then from this can seem called microscope, there is no problem, is not sure if the focus speed can be improved. Oh yes, the Xiaomi one is called telephoto macro, the photo interface shows a super macro, and OPPO directly said called microscope function, I do not know if it is Xiaomi low profile, or OPPO too strong? It seems that these two naming styles should not be at the same level, right?

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