Oppo at MWC 2021 Shanghai Will Present A New Interactive Charging Tech

Oppo MWC 2021 Shanghai Teaser

Oppo MWC 2021 Shanghai Teaser

Although OPPO has not yet announced the specific release date of its new Find X3 Series, Oppo will announce a new technology at MWC 2021 Shanghai. A new interactive charging technology in the event does not exclude the possibility of showing some interesting new technology, such as the recently discussed Air Charging. Besides, OPPO also said it will announce more content on the flash charging ecology.

Oppo MWC 2021 Shanghai Teaser

OPPO called this technology for the flash charging ecology, and hung on the label “everything can be flash charging”, from the text with the picture, this flash charging technology may be the main functional item for the fusion, the state of the water droplets everywhere, so some users also speculate whether it is charging in the water?

As we all know, OPPO flash charging technology is currently one of the representatives of the first echelon of the field, and even realme will also launch a model that supports 125W fast charging. Besides, the OPPO side has almost 65W fast charging technology to its so price, even OPPO Find X3 series has previously passed the 3C certification, showing that will bring a 65W charger.

At present in the industry, flash charging technology Oppo and Vivo have achieved a pretty good height, and 120W fast charging technology models have been sold a few, the market feedback is also quite good, some time ago Xiaomi is to bring the Air Charging technology, can be in a range without the phone and anything in contact with the charge, can be called the shape of the future charging.

OPPO’s flash charging technology conference will be held on February 23 at MWC in Shanghai, when OPPO’s will bring what kind of fast charging experience, and whether there will be new releases, will be revealed one by one.


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