OnePlus Full-screen Solution Exposed in Patent: Bezel Host Smallest Front Camera

OnePlus Full-screen Solution

OnePlus Full-screen Solution

In a dream of a truly full-screen smartphone display, the manufacturer tried notch, water-drop, punch-hole, pop-up, under-screen for the front camera. All come with some advantages and some disadvantages. The front camera is a major obstacle in the process of advancing true full-screen phones. To outcome from this problem, OnePlus brought to us a new unique idea for the front camera.

OnePlus recently had a patent for a true full-screen solution exposed, which focuses on the front camera treatment. A 23 pages document, which was released on February 4, 2021, shows how OnePlus solves the front camera problem.

In this solution, the OnePlus has a hole in the front bezel of the phone’s screen that is covered with a transparent cover. The front-facing camera is located underneath it. This way, users can see the complete full-screen. The solution is cheaper than punching holes in the screen, and also reduces the user’s line of sight distractions when using it, and, more importantly, has the advantages of low production costs, high yield, and high product reliability.

It is not known when the technology will be applied to smartphone products, from the OnePlus 9 Series currently exposed spy photos, it seems to be still a center punch-hole screen, can only look forward to this technology can be applied to the product as soon as possible to mature.


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