Red Magic 6 Cooling Fan Demos Hints Phone Can Float in the Air

Red Magic 6 Cooling Fan Demos

Red Magic 6 Cooling Fan Demos

Today, Nubia president Ni Fei teased that the Tencent Red Magic 6 Gaming Phone not only has a built-in high-speed centrifugal fan, but the entire cooling technology solution also has a brand breakthrough ‘Nine-axis Spatial Positioning and Floating Movement.’ From the video, Red Magic 6 Cooling Fan can make phone float in the air, high-speed fan or other technology, soon be detailed.

Red Magic 6 Cooling Fan Demos

Let’s open my mind and share with my friends about the future development of the built-in high-speed centrifugal fan of the Nubia Red Magic 5 Gaming Nine-axis Spatial Positioning and Floating Movement.

By the way, let’s make a notice: “Tencent Red Magic 6” not only has the built-in fan strengthened but also has a breakthrough in the entire cooling technology solution!

Ni Fei

As early as when the first 5G phone was unveiled, Red Magic used a new fan + liquid cooling technology. The machine has a built-in high-performance centrifugal fan, and with the addition of a newly designed north-south permeable air duct, the ventilation volume and heat exchange has been significantly improved.

Now on the Tencent Red Magic 6 Gaming Phone, the Red Magic continues to follow the air-cooled cooling technology, with a breakthrough in cooling solutions that is worth waiting for. Probably the industry’s first Snapdragon 888 flagship gaming phone with a built-in fan.

Besides, the Red Magic cell phone hand in hand with Tencent, the two sides to carry out strategic in-depth cooperation, then both from the mobile game adaptation optimization of research and development, or marketing channels to help, 2021 debut of the Tencent Red Magic game phone 6 will be worth looking forward to.

The machine has already received 3C certification, and there are two options: the standard version is equipped with a charger output of 66W, and the high version is equipped with a charger output of 120W, which will be officially released after the Spring Festival.


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