Xiaomi 11 Global Launch Conference Watch Live Here

Xiaomi 11 Global Launch

Xiaomi 11 Global Launch

At 5:30 pm today, Xiaomi will be holding the global launch of Xiaomi 11, when the 2021 flagship phone’s goalkeeper will officially go on sale worldwide.

Xiaomi 11 Global Launch

In addition to the previously leaked price being much more expensive than the domestic version, some enthusiastic fans from Xiaomi’s pre-release information also extracted the appearance of three Xiaomi 11 phone outline diagram, from the diagram, may subconsciously think that this is three Xiaomi 11, just different color scheme, but some people think that this will be three different configuration version of the new Xiaomi 11, that is, the rumored Xiaomi 11 Lite, Xiaomi 11 and Xiaomi 11 Pro.

Of course, hope is good, but as everyone is looking forward to the Xiaomi 11 Pro big cup model, may not be in the domestic market has not been completely warmed up in the case of a sudden release, and from the point of time, in the days before the Spring Festival to send new machines is also inappropriate, so these three phones or color matching aspects will be more likely.

But also do not rule out the presence of Xiaomi 11 Lite, because this type of phone will usually be released overseas first, besides, according to the official, that Xiaomi will have a and Mercedes Benz AMG F1 team co-branded Xiaomi products will be launched tonight.


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