Uniquely Designed Nokia 3650 4G Rendering And Concept Video Out Now

Nokia 3650 2021 Rendering

Nokia 3650 4G Rendering

A very distinctive feature of the Nokia 3650 was its unique retro circular keypad. Many owners would have preferred a conventional keypad, however, some stated that the rotary style keypad made text messaging easier and faster. This unique shaped device will reborn this year as Nokia 3650 4G.

Nokia 3650 4G 2021 Concept Video

The uniquely shaped Nokia 3650 will be the next Nokia phone to be replicated, according to Letsgodigital. It is not yet certain whether HMD will try to tweak its appearance to make it more practical. The replica Nokia 3650 is expected to be released later this year.

Furthermore, Letsgodigital and Concept Creator jointly produced Nokia 3650 4G rendering. From the images shared, the Nokia 3650 4G 2021 continues the design language of its predecessor, with bold and bright patchwork colors that are particularly eye-catching. Of course, as a replica version, the latter design language is more flat and refined, and the screen is also much larger.

Nokia 3650 was launched in 2003 with a unique circular keyboard layout, a 2.1-inch 176 x 208 pixel TFT display, a single rear VGA camera, and an 850mAh battery. The remake is expected to bring improvements across the board, such as a larger display, better camera, and KaiOS system.


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