Suspected Meizu 18 Official Poster Reveals Vertical Camera Layout and Release Date

Meizu 18 Official Poster, Meizu 18 Release Date

Suspected Meizu 18 Official Poster

Speaking of the niche of mobile phone manufacturers, there should be many readers who will recall Meizu Technology. The main route of Meizu became the only cell phone manufacturer to launch only two products last year. Meizu’s unique product design has always enabled Meizu to occupy a place in the hearts of users, but also made it difficult to become the head brand in the smartphone market.

The newest and most popular of these is the Snapdragon 888 iteration, named the Meizu 18 series. The poster suggests Meizu 18 release date is March 26. According to the Digital Chat Station, Meizu 18 series will use the mainstream vertical rectangular matrix design, which is today confirmed by the suspected Meizu 18 official poster.

Meizu 18 Official Poster

In past, Meizu’s 16 series has a middle vertical camera module design and Meizu’s 17 series has a horizontal camera module design, both with a ring flash design. Now, Meizu 18 official poster suggests a vertical matrix camera layout. Equipped with a total of four camera lenses, among three lenses arranged vertically in a single row, at bottom large periscope lens managed, and the fourth lens located in the second line in the middle. According to the poster, Meizu 18 still uses its unique ring style flash, but this time on the circulated main camera lens.

Besides, Meizu 18 Series will be available in White and Blue color options, as per the poster. Also, there will be an under-screen version, which was previously reported in a hands-on video. In the core, Snapdragon 888 processor, screen upgrade to FHD+, 120Hz, Samsung E4 OLED, small punch-hole design. The new Meizu 18 Pro will be equipped with a 4500mAh battery and the charging power will reach 40W charging.

The product, from the current exposure of Meizu 18 series, its overall quality should be considered excellent, in terms of product performance, screen configuration, etc. are among the first-line level this year, for product design, camera configuration is not too worried, fast charging configuration has also been upgraded, basically can not find too many points to pick.


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