Huawei P40 4G Version Headed to Launch

Huawei P40 4G

Huawei P40 4G

Huawei P40 4G Version

In addition to preparing the P50 series, Huawei seems to be preparing other models, such as the previously revealed Mate40E, the shape and Mate40 did not change much, the chip is said to change to Kirin 990 5G.

A few days ago, there is a new Huawei model ANA-AL00 into the network of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, at the same time announced the document photo, shape and has been released P40 basically the same, and can even say that there is no difference. From the appearance of the machine, it should be a member of the P40 series family, should be Huawei P40 4G.

However, it should be noted that the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology network information shows that the machine does not support the 5G network, so it may be equipped with a 4G chip, the current optional Kirin 990 4G.

There are two chips in the Kirin 990 series, 4G version does not integrate 5G baseband, using a 7nm process (not EUV) to build, performance compared to Kirin 990 5G mainly lies in the CPU frequency reduction, NPU also cut a core, GPU unchanged, still integrated Mali-G76.

At the moment, there are no more detailed parameters configuration of Huawei P40 4G, which is expected to be online shortly.

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