Xiaomi’s ¥10,000 Phone Could be Mix Alpha 2nd Generation

Mix Alpha 2nd Generation

Mix Alpha 2nd Generation

Xiaomi’s most expensive and innovative phone Mix Alpha was never released for consumers, but now it seems that Mix Alpha 2nd Generation is on the way. Recently Xiaomi founder, chairman, and CEO Lei Jun raised the question on Weibo, saying that if Xiaomi released a high-end phone of 10,000 yuan, would you buy it? At the same time said that if we were to make a high-end phone priced over 10,000, what should it be like?

Many netizens said that if the pile of material is sufficient, and itself worth the price of ten thousand yuan, it will certainly buy, as long as the goods super due to certainly buy and so on. The real high-end combined with Xiaomi cell phone product line can be seen, Lei Jun’s this hint may correspond to is the MIX series of new machines, pricing more than 10,000 yuan, will not be like the MIX Alpha as a pavilion in the air, but mass production for sale. Or this could be:

According to previous reports, the new Xiaomi MIX series may use the folding screen form, book-style open and close, the following known reports drawn for reference live photos. As for the issues raised by Lei Jun, is expected to give more news on February 7, worth looking forward to.

Xiaomi Mix Alpha Unboxing


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