Oppo Double-sided Pop-up Camera Parent Reveal Unique Functionality

Oppo Double-sided Pop-up Camera Parent

Oppo Double-sided Pop-up Camera Parent

Oppo officially launched the Find X flagship phone in 2018, the machine brought a very stunning design, the first time the use of lifting design will be completely hidden front and rear camera, in the technology sector at the time set off a wave of intense discussion. But unfortunately, the OPPO Find X series did not continue this stunning design, in the Find X2 model on the return to the regular phone design.

Oppo Double-sided Pop-up Camera Parent

However, OPPO did not give up on the innovative design of the body structure. According to OPPO recently released a set of design patent drawings show that OPPO plans to use a periscope lens design on the front lens of the phone, the entire lens module is hidden inside the top bezel of the phone, when it does not rise, the entire front of the phone will be a complete screen, and after the lens rises is no longer a simple front lens, but a prism that can be screen reflective light-sensing element.

It is worth mentioning that this new refractive prism type in OPPO also enables shifting the direction of the light path, changing the light refraction path through the mechanical structure to achieve the effect of free switching of the front and rear camera through the flip of the prism, allowing the front and rear camera to share a camera sensor.

Besides, OPPO’s patent also brings some new changes to the shooting experience. The patent shows that the prism of the camera module can also reflect light through the side, and both left and right cameras can take images of the side so that users can get a 360° panoramic photo by simply turning 180˚ when taking a panoramic photo.

This patented technology for the lift lens has been very skilled OPPO to speak naturally is not a difficult matter, but the replacement of the lens and the use of prism is the biggest change OPPO this time, as for such a prism front lens exactly what function or bring what upgrade experience, depends on the subsequent OPPO announced the situation.


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