Honor ALA-AN70 5G Phone and Several IoT Products Passes 3C

Honor V40 Camera

Honor ALA-AN70 5G and IoT Products

Following the release of Honor’s new V40 series, several new Honor products have recently been added to the national 3C certification website, including 5G phones, laptops, smartwatches, and a new Bluetooth speaker.

The new 5G phone model of Honor is “ALA-AN70“, which also supports a maximum charging power of 66W on the data already shown, so it is expected to be a flagship new product, Honor V40 Pro and the laptop is the MagicBook series of Honor, which shows a charging power of 65W.

The new Honor smartwatch will have audio storage and playback capabilities, which means that the phone can play music independently, and can also be connected with true wireless Bluetooth headphones, as for the Bluetooth speaker there is not much data to show. These new products are expected to be launched at Honor’s conference this spring, continuing to expand and update Honor’s current product line.

Besides the product line-up, CEO Zhao Ming seems hopeful about the company’s future. In a recent interview, Zhao claimed that Honor has a new mission for 2021, which is to level the playing field with its old boss and Apple in the market and build better mobile products.

With no more restrictions on Huawei’s smartphone business due to U.S. sanctions, our core mission this year is to build flagship phones that can compete with Apple and Huawei in China. No matter who the competition is, we have the confidence to outperform them, including Huawei.

said, Zhao Ming.

Besides, the launch of the new V40, Honor also announced that it would resume partnerships with several of the world’s major semiconductor companies, including Intel, AMD, and Qualcomm, the largest smartphone chip design company. Zhao even said that the company is in talks with Google and expects to resume its partnership with the company.

While the introduction of Qualcomm chips in its phones may mark a big step forward for Honor, Google apps and services remain the most critical component of all Android smartphones sold outside of China. When Huawei was cut off from Google Mobile Services (GMS), the move nearly killed its smartphone’s overseas market share. To ensure Honor’s continued success overseas, it needed to pre-install Google apps, including search, Google Maps, YouTube, and, most critically, the Google App Store.

Honor V40, the company’s first smartphone since its separation from Huawei. It is currently only available in China, with no information yet on an international launch. While the company has yet to confirm whether it will launch GMS outside of China, Honor may be waiting for Google to reconfirm support for its phone.

Honor’s goal is to enter the high-end market with prices above 4,000 yuan while expanding further overseas. Zhao seems to be looking more toward the future, talking about expanding into new markets and competing with Apple and Huawei. “Our new slogan is ‘Beyond,'” he said.

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