Xiaomi Foldable Phone May use UD Camera and High Refresh Rate

Xiaomi Foldable Phone May use UD Camera

Xiaomi Foldable Phone May use UD Camera

Xiaomi Foldable Phone May use UD Camera

According to previous news, Xiaomi, OPPO, Vivo the three manufacturers will launch the first folding-screen phone this year, all using the foldable screen panel provided by Samsung. Among them, Xiaomi’s first folding-screen phone will be the first to debut, is expected to be officially released in the second half of the year.

Today, the well-known domestic news blogger brought the latest news of the Xiaomi folding screen, he revealed that the machine will be similar to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 design, but the main screen does not have any openings, is a whole display, the visual effect is even better. While the secondary screen is a non-centered hole punch design.

It is worth mentioning that the blogger also announced in the comments the price information of the Xiaomi folding-screen phone, he said the machine may become the cheapest folding-screen phone, which also implements the core values of Xiaomi always adhere to do moving people, the price is generous good products.

Besides, some time ago there was a netizen who broke the news that the subway saw a suspected Xiaomi folding screen phone device, according to its published photos show that this Xiaomi folding screen phone and the highly consistent with the news display, but also running the MIUI 12 system, the credibility is very high.

According to the pictures, the main screen size of the Xiaomi folding screen phone is larger, after unfolding the overall more like a tablet, and the front is not equipped with a front camera and sensor openings, but unfortunately, the machine was covered with an anti-leakage protective shell, and can not see the specific design of the machine screen bezel.

Previously reported that DSCC founder and CEO Ross Young has broken the news that Xiaomi is expected to launch three folding screen phones in 2021, including outward-folding, inward-folding, and flip-flop designs. Besides, the new Xiaomi folding screen codename Cetus, with 108MP camera, running Android 11-based MIUI 12.


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