New Samsung OLED UL Verified: 1500 nits Brightness

Samsung OLED UL verified

Samsung OLED UL verified

Samsung display recently showed a bright and clear display in the outdoor environment can also be bright OLED display screen. Today, Samsung Display said that this latest OLED display for smartphones has been verified by UL, a global safety science company, for its excellent “Sunlight Visibility”.

Samsung OLED UL verified

In the evaluation, UL tested two aspects that affect the outdoor visibility of the display: color gamut and brightness. The results found that the color gamut of Samsung’s new OLEDs met 73% of the DCI-P3 standard in an outdoor environment, and the maximum brightness exceeded 1500 nits.

Previously, smartphone screens were difficult to see characters and colors in outdoor environments, and users would have a strong sense of visual cutoff. And in the outdoor visibility of this challenge, OLED is relatively unaffected. Because OLED displays color through self-lighting, at the same time, has a wide color gamut and can display highly saturated colors, so even in the poor visibility of the outdoor, can also display relatively clear picture quality.

Especially worth mentioning is that the new OLED uses a new organic material that achieves a brightness of 1500 nits or higher, thus further enhancing outdoor visibility. Choi Soon-ho, head of Samsung Display’s small and medium-sized marketing team, said, “In the 5G era, it is very important that screens have bright and clear image quality in any environment, whether indoors or outdoors. Samsung OLED is the perfect display for mobile devices in the 5G era, and it will provide new value to consumers.”

The new OLED, which has received UL outdoor visibility verification, will be equipped on flagship smartphones from global handset manufacturers, including the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, which has already been released by Samsung Electronics and will soon be available to consumers around the world.


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