Motorola Air Charging Technology Demonstrated

Motorola Air Charging Technology

Motorola Air Charging Technology

Today, Motorola officially demonstrated Motorola air charging technology. The general manager of Lenovo China’s cell phone business said, “Motorola charging distance, can already do far greater than the current Qi technology-based contact charging, and to achieve multiple phones can be charged at the same time, with a higher degree of freedom, but also safety performance, is the true sense of wireless charging. People say, should we add this black technology in the future Motorola edge series?”

Motorola Air Charging Technology

He also asked for opinions on demand and is expected to add this black technology in the future Motorola Edge series. The video shows that when two Motorola Edge phones are placed at a distance of 1 meter and 100cm, both phones can be charged, and when the charging transmitter is blocked with the hand, both phones stop charging. After removing the palm block, the phones start charging again.

From the video, Motorola’s latest spaced charging technology allows the phone to achieve true wireless fast charging without touching the charging board. Currently, the technology can achieve 80 to 100 cm of true wireless charging. The company also realized that multiple phones can be charged, with a higher degree of freedom at the same time, but also safety performance, is the real sense of wireless charging.

However, this technology also has limitations, such as from the transmitter to the receiver to be placed in a straight line, if the transmitter detects a wall, window, or human body, the charging will immediately stop.

Update: In response to Xiaomi’s uninterrupted Air Charging, Motorola’s General Manager said, “The industry chain is open, who can not be in all areas all the time also win all peers. In addition, our video hand blocking the charger will stop charging, is specifically developed for the health of the user safety settings, is in the power of the charger transmitter, detection of the human body blocking the safety protection provided, this is the engineering design of man-machine protection common sense.”

Xiaomi cell phone official microblogging announced that an epoch-making technical innovation will be announced today, but what specific technology, the official did not disclose, but from the poster, should be related to charging.

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