Redmi K40 Pro Live Photos Exposes Core Specs while Retailer hints Release Date

Redmi K40 Pro Live Photos

Redmi K40 Pro Live Photos

Redmi K series of new products K40 Series will be released next month, performance and price aspects we must have heard a lot of news from various places, the summary is that the value for money is superb. Recently, on Weibo, Redmi K40 Pro live Photos were circulated showing its front’s smallest aperture for the front camera and revealing some core specifications.

According to the suspected Redmi K40 live photos, there is no doubt that it will use Snapdragon 888 the battery has been upgraded to 5000mAh, and the screen has also become larger to 6.81 inches with an unexpected 3200×1440 high pixels display, which is one of the most highlighted features of a flagship phone. The front camera is a 30 megapixel’s selfie lens with the smallest aperture of 2.8mm on the top center of the display and the rear os 108 megapixel’s primary camera.

For a 2999 yuan phone high-resolution display is surprising, well Snapdragon 888 at this price is also notable. The appearance design of the front is okay and quite high in the straight-screen mobile phone. Is this the legendary Redmi K40 Pro? This question comes to mind when I looked at the backside of the phone, a triple camera in a vertical straight line, in the next LED, arranged in black rectangular + slightly rounded camera frame, looks likes plastic body, all this make feel like it mid-range phone.

Then another question is “when will the Redmi K40 be released? A third-party store is suspected to have revealed this date. The pre-sale price given by the store is 9,998 yuan, but those who are familiar with the cell phone routine understand that this is just a placeholder price, not the real price, and there are many more key points in the text description. The K40 series is the most expensive straight screen in the industry and is made of OLED with a refresh rate of 120Hz.

The other is the shipping date “February 17”, February 11 is New Year’s Eve in China, February 17 is still in the holidays, usually, cell phone manufacturers will not release new machines at such a time, that is likely to Redmi K40 release time will be February 11 before, so that the New Year when you can also buy the new machine, is a good time to choose.

Revising the previous information, the Redmi K40 screen is also expected to use Samsung E4 light-emitting material to create an OLED display, the same technology as the Xiaomi 11, which can achieve better display effects and will also support a high refresh rate of 120Hz, which is officially said to be probably the most expensive straight screen in the industry.

In addition to strong performance and excellent screen specifications, Lu Weibing also previously revealed that the Redmi K40 has a full range of upgrades in other configurations, with no shortcomings in all-around configuration, and will be the most comprehensive Snapdragon 888 flagship phone at the same price point.

However, all of the above, except for Snapdragon 888, are information given by this store, live photos, are not official, so you can use it as a reference, but you can’t trust it completely, so just be patient and wait for it or go for Motorola Edge S with newly launched Snapdragon 870 at 1999 yuan.

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