Oppo Find X3 Series with Microscope Mode, Full-path Colour Management, and Smart Tag, Makes it more Worthy

Oppo Find X3 Series with Microscope Mode, Full-path Colour Management, and Smart Tag, Makes it more Worthy 2

Oppo Find X3 Pro Microscope Mode

With the rapid development of smartphone photography technology, the last two years in cell phone products emerged much-advanced technology, such as 108 megapixels, 120x zoom, customized sensors, computational photography, etc.

According to various reports, Oppo will again bring a new smartphone photography function to everyone shortly. Most recent news claims that Oppo Find X3 Pro will have “Microscope Mode” which is a dedicated function in the camera interface, the screenshot further mentioned it. Oppo Find X3 Pro’s microscope capable macro lens is designed by OFILM which is a 3-megapixel lens, offers 1944 × 1944 resolution and 25x zoom. The lens adds a ring flash around the lens, its lens magnification is higher than existing phones, which can achieve the effect of a simulated microscope.

Oppo Find X3 Pro Microscope Mode

Besides, the OPPO Find X3 Series features a quad-camera design on the rear, including two new Sony IMX7xx sensors (50MP), one with a wide-angle lens and the other with an ultra-wide-angle lens, as well as a 13MP telephoto lens with 2x optical zoom support and a specially designed 3MP macro lens (capable of 25x zoom).

Oppo Find X3 Series’s Full-path Colour Management System

In terms of display, OPPO Find X3 Pro will packs a 6.7-inch, 1440 x 3216 resolution display (525ppi) with an adaptive refresh rate of 10Hz to 120Hz and a maximum color range of 1.07 billion. It is worth mentioning that the OPPO Find X3 Pro is also expected to use Samsung’s latest E4 light-emitting material, which can make the screen brightness rise again to an unprecedented 1500nits, while also bringing higher color accuracy, contrast, and significantly enhanced visual effects.

Oppo Find X3 Series’s Full-path Colour Management System

For the display, OPPO has done a good job, OPPO Find X2 series products equipped with DisplayMate A+ screen, coupled with excellent color management, to create a private theater in each user’s pocket may be so simple. With Oppo Find X3 Series, Oppo goes further with the “Full-path Colour Management System.”

To continue OPPO’s advantages in smartphone screen experience and further explore the infinite possibilities of smartphone color effects, on January 25, OPPO and Zhejiang University founded the “Zhejiang University OPPO Joint Innovation Center Color Lab” was officially inaugurated.

The color lab will integrate the advantageous resources of Zhejiang University and OPPO to build a first-class image color technology innovation platform. It is reported that Zhejiang University OPPO Joint Innovation Center color laboratory research direction involves sensor imaging applications, screen color compensation, color psychology, visual health and comfort display, and other color field related topics.

At present, the smartphone screen has become the main carrier of communication between users and machines, and it has become a bridge of interaction between people. The color lab founded by OPPO and Zhejiang University gradually shows OPPO’s determination to keep researching on-screen color science. More importantly, the color psychology, visual health and comfort, and other color topics in the laboratory coincide with the “technology for people, to good world” advocated by OPPO CEO Chen Mingyong on OPPO INNO DAY, so that OPPO technology, with the screen to elaborate the new connotation of people and technology.

Before establishing a joint laboratory with Zhejiang University, OPPO has been exploring the infinite possibilities between people and technology, people and screen, screen and life. The OPPO Reno series has introduced a color compensation system, which allows users to adjust the screen to their comfortable display according to their needs. In the OPPO Find X2 series, OPPO is the development of an AI adaptive eye protection system, the introduction of AI, the calibration of technology so that the phone is always ready for you, eye protection is so simple.

In the upcoming OPPO Find X3 Series, OPPO will again take a new step in the field of smartphone display – a Full-path Color Management System. As early as the OPPO Find X2 series, OPPO has already achieved a 10bit screen display, 10bit content recording, and other functions.

Now OPPO full-path color management system goes one step further, introducing 10bit color depth into the whole process of shooting + computing + encoding + storage + display, retaining 10bit + wide color gamut information in all these processes, so that the color system users see on each screen is not misinterpreted, let alone shifted.

The OPPO Find X3 Series, with the support of the full-link color management system and the endorsement of the professional color lab, OPPO will construct an all-around 10bit color ecology for users, making colors more colorful and the real world more exciting and moving.

Other Specifications

The certification information shows that OPPO Find X3 Pro will be equipped with Snapdragon 888 processor, the body built-in 4500mAh dual-cell solution, support 65W wired fast charging, but also will introduce high-power wireless fast charging to make up for the previous generation of products. In other aspects, the phone is about 8mm thick, weighs 190 grams, has a curved screen design and a curved ceramic glass or frosted glass back.

Oppo Smart Tag

In addition to the smartphone, the field of the smart tracker, gradually become the topic of discussion after tea-time of netizens. Not long ago, at the Samsung Galaxy S21 series launch, Samsung not only brought several new phones but also launched the Galaxy SmartTag smart tracker, Apple did the same. Now, Oppo Smart Tag appeared in the patent.

Oppo Smart Tag

Smart Trackers are equipped with small BLE technology, can be hung on keys, wallets, or luggage, signal coverage of up to 120 meters, but also loud enough to determine the detailed location, greatly facilitating the search for lost items. For the field of smart trackers with a huge market share, it seems that domestic manufacturers will also launch related products soon.

According to the media LetsGoDigital report, in May 2020, OPPO applied to the State Intellectual Property Office for a design patent for “Bluetooth Smart Tag Locator”, the document was made public on January 26, 2021, and contains design images from various angles.

In terms of appearance, the OPPO Smart Tag is a black frosted shell with rectangular rounded corners and no other decorative markings except for the OPPO logo printed in the middle of the device. It is worth noting that OPPO did not design a hole for this smart tracker to hang keys or wallets, as the public is only the appearance of the patent, its parameters configuration, and use is not yet known, the follow-up information will also be tracked.

About the release date, OPPO Smart Tag is expected to debut in March this year along with the OPPO Find X3 flagship series. According to the news, Apple named its own smart tracking device as “Air Tags”, which adopts a flat and round design with a built-in Apple U1 chip, and can use UWB technology to achieve accurate positioning of about 10 cm.

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