Android 12 Theme System can Recolor the Application

Android 12 Theme System

According to the 9to5Google, Google is reportedly working on a new Android 12 theme system that will not only allow users to change the primary colors of the system UI but also apply those colors to supported third-party apps.

The current theme feature on Pixel devices is pretty basic, allowing users to switch between the system’s light and dark themes, as well as change the accent colors in some settings menus. According to 9to5Google, Android 12 will expand the area where these themes can be applied. Android 12’s deep theme feature may vary by brand, as manufacturers will offer users their custom colors, but users won’t be able to create their unique color schemes. User-selected colors may be reflected inside Android apps, but only if developers choose to support them.

In Android 10 and later, apps can respond to changes in the system’s light or dark mode. But even then, it’s up to the app to decide exactly what their light or dark theme should look like. Sometimes, app developers choose a dark gray or even a dark blue instead of a solid dark theme. Besides, Android 12 is said to offer theme suggestions based on the user’s wallpaper. This means that once a user chooses a new wallpaper, the user’s system can be changed seamlessly. However, the report also claims that this theme feature of Android 12 may be removed as development continues on the series.

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