Lu Weibing: Redmi K40 Box With Or Without Charger, Large Wave of Phones Coming

Redmi K40 Box

This morning, Redmi brand General Manager Lu Weibing exposed the Redmi K40 box on Weibo. From the pictures published by Lu Weibing, there are two versions of the K40 box, one with a slim design similar to the Xiaomi 11, and the other with a regular thick design style.

There is no doubt that the slim design version of the box may only have the mobile and card pins, instructions, and other configurations inside, the charger and data cable should no longer exist, while the regular design version should contain all the accessories. Lu Weibing said, “Thick or thin? This is a difficult choice, ask everyone your opinion…”

Redmi K40 Box

In the comments, many netizens think that thicker is more appropriate, after all, the more accessories the better. However, some netizens think that the thin box is more qualitative, and the charger and data cable can be sent directly and separately concerning Xiaomi 11. Considering the positioning of the K40 series, so the future K40 series if the charger is canceled, the possibility of a gift is unlikely, it is likely to need to pay extra to buy.

Besides the Redmi K40, there will be several new phones coming, includes Xiaomi 10 mysterious new machine, Xiaomi 11 Pro, Xiaomi 11 Ultra, Redmi K40, Redmi K40 Pro, Redmi gaming phone. The new Xiaomi 10 mysterious edition, the news broke last week that it will be replaced with Snapdragon’s latest 870 chip, and will be more favorable in price compared to Xiaomi 11.

The other is about Redmi’s new machine series, these three are also the official have been publicly expressed products, which K40 two new machines will be released next month, and Redmi’s gaming phone series will be a new production line, the new machine will be equipped with MediaTek’s latest flagship chip Dimensity 1200, in terms of cost performance will be more prominent in terms of price/performance ratio and more powerful in terms of material.

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