iPhone 12S Series will Bring Sensor-Shift to all Model: More Details Exposed

iPhone 12S Series

A few days ago, Digitimes produced a summary table of the specifications of the iPhone 12s Series based on the information available, with only major changes to the lens design and minor upgrades to the rest of the device, and overall this is not considered a more substantial upgrade. According to Digitimes, this year’s new iPhone may be named iPhone 12S, not iPhone 13 Series, a total of three sizes and four models to choose from, and the iPhone 12 Series to maintain the same.

The iPhone 12s is the biggest upgrade in terms of photography, the two models of the Pro series will use a larger bottom sensor, while the main camera of the iPhone 12 Pro series is expected to be downgraded to the iPhone 12s mini as well as the iPhone 12S, both with a 7P lens.

According to industry sources, the CIS size of the main lens of the next-generation iPhone will be increased, and the high-end 6.1-inch (iPhone 12s Pro) and 6.7-inch (iPhone 12s Pro Max) models will use the new CIS, while the 5.4-inch (iPhone 12s Mini) and 6.1-inch (iPhone 12s) models will use the CIS used in the current iPhone 12 Pro Series instead. The main supplier of CIS is still the leading Japanese manufacturer Sony.

Besides, all four new iPhone 12s models will use Sensor-Shift OIS (sensor-shifted optical stabilization), which is theoretically more effective than traditional optical stabilization. The ultra-wide-angle lens will also be upgraded from 5P on the iPhone 12 series to 6P, with better light transmission.

Face ID function will still be retained, but Apple will adjust the design of Face ID, the size of the bangs will be a little smaller. In terms of Face ID, Apple will change the front design to reduce the size of the Notch and plans to combine the Rx and Tx of the front lens and the Flood illuminator under the same lens module, similar to the current LiDAR design of the rear lens. Digitimes expects the new Face ID module to be supplied by Korean manufacturers LG Innotek and Hon Hai, while the front-facing lens module will be supplied by OFILM, Cowell, and Hon Hai.

It is worth mentioning that there are reports that Apple will release an iPhone with under-screen fingerprint support in 2021, so the iPhone 12S series will likely have a model with under-screen fingerprint support, which will work better with Face ID, at least when wearing a mask without having to unlock it by a password.

As for the voice coil motor (CM), some industry sources said that Apple iPhone 12 series, the voice coil motor suppliers are mainly Alps Electric and Minebea Mitsumi two Japanese companies, but the new machine is expected to be launched in the second half of 2021.

Source, Via, Featured Image: Apple

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