Honor Watch GS Pro Mysterious Starry Sky Jointly Designed with Discovery

Honor Watch GS Pro Discovery Edition

Honor Watch GS Pro Mysterious Starry Sky

Along with Honor V40’s new product launch, Honor also released the Honor watch GS Pro Mysterious Starry Sky edition, this watch is Honor jointly designed with Discovery, priced at 1399 yuan, the first sale discount 100 yuan.

Discovery’s classic fashion taste is inspired by Discovery’s exploration of the Mysterious Starry Sky. The bright color of Venus is applied to the design of the bezel and side buttons. The subtle combination of black and gold makes it trendy. At the same time, hand-polished and brushed, stainless steel precision work and an etching process are used to redefine the fashion on the wrist. The beauty of the stars on the wrist comes from Discovery’s classic starry sky elements. The beautiful planets dotted with meteors pass by, showing the vast galaxy between square inches.

It can be equipped with a dual-core architecture chip immediately. With the help of the intelligent power-saving system 2.0+, it can last up to 25 days. Provides heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen detection, Sleep monitoring, pressure monitoring, etc., a variety of health monitoring, let you live a comfortable life. Mobile payment, NFC access control card, viewing sunrise and sunset, remote camera, music playback, etc., wonderful wrist picking is done.

The Honor Watch GS Pro, which was launched in September last year, has a 25-day battery life and 14 military standards, over a hundred professional sports modes, health management, and daily management functions, as well as weather warning and real-time recording of sports tracks.

In terms of appearance, the Honor Watch GS Pro is equipped with a 1.39-inch AMOLED display, a stainless steel bezel with a distinct sense of gears outside the dial, the body is made of a combination of both plastic and metal, the strap is made of Viton, and the part that leaks out in the front is all frosted.

Honor Watch GS Pro Mysterious Starry Sky Specifications


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