Nubia Red Magic 6 Live Photo Exposes Brand New Gaming Grade Design

Nubia Red Magic 6 Live Photo

Nubia Red Magic 6 Live Photo

Nubia founder and president Ni Fei appeared shared Tencent headquarter visit photo earlier, some users speculate that Nubia to cooperate with Tencent, Red Magic 6 for Tencent games exclusive optimization. Now the news is confirmed by Nubia Red Magic 6 live photo showing its deep cooperation with Tencent.

Today, Weibo blogger exposed Nubia Red Magic 6 real-life photo exposing the backside of the device. The big “Tencent Games” logo on the Red Magic 6 gaming phone back side’s big-X steel-finished logo, confirm deep cooperation in gaming experience optimization with Tencent, in the middle of X logo’s wide gape, air cooling ducts are arranged.

The more interesting is the back cover of the two small triangles, looks like it will be the touch key look, play a little can. The cameras are arranged horizontally at top of the “X” pattern, with three AI camera lens visible in pictures, in next may be LED flash. Below the camera, “RedMagic” text is printed. The overall appearance of Red Magic 6 is very impressive and the gaming-grade design is recognizable.

A few days ago, we found a new Nubia machine with model number NX669J and NX669J-P obtained 3C certification, which was pointed out by many parties as corresponding to the Red Magic 6 and 6 Pro, standard certified with 66W and Pro with 120W fast charging capability. Officially battery will be 4500mAh+, equipped with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 888 flagship processor.

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