Apple iPad Mini 6 Rendering Exposes UD Fingerprint, Brand New Design

Apple iPad Mini 6 Rendering

Apple iPad Mini 6 Rendering

For Apple, this March is their usual spring new product launch, and the main character will be the new iPad, from the current situation, this update will be a full series, which includes the iPad mini 6. Now, Apple iPad mini 6 renderings have appeared online, with its screen size expanded to 8.4 inches and its face value looking higher because of the narrower bezels compared to its predecessor. The HD renderings of the iPad mini 6 also show an interesting piece of information. It is equipped with Touch ID, but it is not a physical button, but an under-screen fingerprint, a technology that Apple has also been following up for a long time.

Reports say that the iPhone 13 series coming online this fall will also be equipped with under-screen fingerprint technology. In terms of size, the iPad mini 6 is 203.2mm high, 134.8mm wide, and 6.25mm thick, with a screen of about 195mm x 126.6mm. The back design is more similar to the old model, the style is more rounded, and does not use the iPad Pro kind of resonant four right-angle bezel design.

Apple supply chain analyst Kuo had said in May 2020 that the next-generation iPad mini will have a display size of 8.5 to 9 inches. He also said that Apple is working on an iPad mini with a mini-LED display, but it’s unclear whether the iPad mini 6 is the mini with this upgraded display.

Apple iPad Mini 6 360° Rendering

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