Realme Race EEC Certified along with 3 Other Model

Realme Race EEC Certification, Realme RMX2202

Realme Race EEC Certification

According to 91Mobiles reports, Realme Race with model number RMX2202 received EEC certification, which means Realme Race is not far from the official release. Besides Realme RMX2202, other three models RMX3085, RMX3081, and RMX2156 also appeared.

According to the official disclosure, Race is the code name of the new realme flagship, the official name of the machine has not yet been announced. It is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 flagship processor, with Cortex X1 + A78 and Adreno 660 GPU.

In addition to carrying Snapdragon 888, Realme Race may support 125W ultra-fast flash charging, which is slightly higher than the 120W flash charging commercially available power. According to the official, realme 125W flash charging using conversion efficiency of up to 98% parallel three charge pump scheme, the adapter output of 20V 6.25A power through the three parallel charge pump buck converted into 10V 12.5A into the battery, effectively avoiding the high current caused by the charge pump overload, overheating situation.

About this phone, the user’s expectations are still very high, because it used to OPPO’s ACE series, but because the products overlap, so OPPO gave the ACE series to realme to do, and this is the first product that realme will bring after taking over the ACE series, but it is neither ACE3 nor Race, but will have a brand new product name.


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