iQOO 7 Review: Not Just Iron Triangle, Improved Every Aspects

iQOO 7 Review

iQOO 7 Review

January 11, “Gaming Phone” iQOO launched a new 5G performance horizontal screen flagship equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 – iQOO 7. The iQOO 7, a new 5G performance flagship equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 888, brings users a “full-sense control” top gaming experience. From the very beginning of the brand, iQOO has been through faster, stronger performance, to bring the ultimate product experience for young users. Priced at 3798 yuan, compared to the previous Xiaomi 11 cheap 200 yuan, so that netizens straight out of the true flavor. Here is the iQOO 7 review:


At this time from iQOO’s last generation of flagship products iQOO 5 Series release time of only four months has passed, the renewal of domestic cell phones has been close to the degree of a quarter of a generation, which can be seen in the fierce competition.

But as a standard version, iQOO 7 is not weak, and even put into the current view you can not find a few better than its hardware configuration of the phone, so even if it is only the standard version without Pro iQOO 7, it is also very capable of fighting.

iQOO 7 Specifications Highlights

iQOO 7 Specifications
Display6.62 inches AMOLED supports 120Hz
SoCQualcomm Snapdragon 888
ROM128GB / 256GB UFS 3.1
Rear Camera48MP pixel ultra-clear main camera
13MP pixel ultra wide-angle camera
13MP pixel portrait camera front
Front Camera16MP
UnlockPassword, Screen Fingerprint, Facial
120W ultra-fast flash charging
OSOriginOS for iQO0
based on Android 11
ColorBlack Mirror
Latent Blue
Legendary Version
Price3798 yuan / 4198 yuan
iQOO 7 Specifications


In the outer box, in addition to the iQOO ancestral irregular box design, there is a large number 7, marked the identity of the phone; after opening, in addition to the phone, or those common random configurations, chargers, data lines, clear water case, card pins, and three package certificate, and the iQOO 7 black mirror edition.

The screen is the first visual experience brought to the user, so the iQOO 7 screen is still the focus of the upgrade, it is officially called 120Hz full-sensitive screen, as the name suggests, it supports up to 120Hz refresh rate, up to 1000Hz instantaneous touch sampling rate + 300Hz touch reporting rate, touch latency shortened by 25.8% compared to the previous generation of products. The iQOO 7 supports four refresh rates, up to 1300 nits of brightness and 4096 levels of brightness adjustment, which makes the vision equally delicate and comfortable no matter outdoor or low light, with SGS low blue light, low trailing shadow certification, and HDR10+ high dynamic range certification.

For the author, the biggest feeling is that fortunately, this is a straight screen, because many curved screens do not do a good job of using the experience, only focusing on the visual beauty and ignore the practicality, that brings the user’s feeling is a very failure, and straight screen although you can see the bezel and the more obvious chin, there is no concern about the use, so the author is standing straight screen party.

In terms of photography, iQOO 7 equipped with three lenses, three lenses were 48-megapixel main camera + 13-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens + 13-megapixel portrait lens, thanks to the intimate relationship with Vivo, so iQOO 7’s photographic strength has also received Vivo’s dedication, this time the combination of stepped lens arrangement is now a lot of cell phone rear lens. The iQOO 7 has been designed with a triangular lens arrangement of a large + two small plus a high-gloss nameplate, making it one of the best-looking rear lens modules currently available.

In terms of exterior materials, iQOO 7 uses nautical aluminum as the frame material, which has better corrosion resistance and toughness compared to traditional aluminum alloy materials. Besides, the glass back cover of iQOO 7 adopts the new AG process, which is only 0.6mm thick and undergoes 4 times grinding, 2 times polishing, and 58 steps, only for a more delicate touch. The uniformity of the middle frame and back cover granularity, so that iQOO 7 grips almost no gap, feel more integrated.

For example, in this mirror black color scheme, it looks like it seems that the phone back shell is kind of irregular bumpy, but, is smooth, only when there is light to join will show a very textured reflection, this process design, get where all belong to the top.

iQOO 7 right side of the body is the power button and volume adjustment keys, have done special treatment, the power button is also deliberately made of red, which is like a supercar on the sprayed red brake calipers, to give a kind of power and performance model, the phone’s keys feel compact without any sense of looseness, seamless. The bottom of the body is the external speaker SIM card slot and Type-C port, where the external speaker has the word DUAL SPEAKER, which further enhances the level of force.

Overall, both front and back, iQOO 7 is a product that has reached the first-tier flagship phone level in terms of design and feels.

User Experience

iQOO 7 is equipped with OriginOS based on Android 11 development, which is not long ago Vivo brought the so-called next-generation operating system, the first to carry the model is Vivo’s leading model X60 series, this iQOO 7 got the honor of the second factory equipped.

This system after author used a few days after the biggest feeling is that it is very literary and delicate, specific performance is as follows.

The first is the animation effect, 120Hz refresh rate after the turned on global, plus OriginOS click to return to the rest screen unlock and other animation effects, in the visual and tactile experience can be said to be comparable to iOS, and the more powerful place is that the iPhone 12 iOS does not have 120Hz high brush, while iQOO 7 has, so this experience is actually to better Some of them.

The system can be switched between the traditional Android layout and OriginOS layout, just click on the “Transformer” app, and this transformer is like a human being transformed into a transformer called Ultraman, it brings changes not only in appearance but in the entire use of the habit of change.

For example, after the system morphs into OriginOS, the icons arranged on the desktop will appear in an irregular shape, and you can also adjust this irregular shape, which is like what Vivo said when it released OriginOS, a system inspired by Huarong Road, you can combine a system that comes with atomic components and applications for random size changes that you the most interesting. The desktop is very playable and the kind that you can’t stop when you get started.

Another thing that is very friendly to the author is that the app on the desktop does not display the words under the icons. I have always felt that icons and words are a very complicated design, making the desktop look confusing, and the common app is just a few, there is no need to add a word under the icon label, so you see OriginOS arranged after the presentation of the desktop looks very comfortable.

However, there are some imperfections in this desktop, for example, you can’t adjust the size of the icons of the colder apps, they can only be displayed in the smallest rounded rectangle, only the very large apps can be resized; and the system comes with the atomic component which is equivalent to the screen plug-in, the size is also fixed and can’t be changed.

In a completely free desktop suddenly appeared a few icons you can not adjust, this feeling will feel a little sudden and out of place, but the good news is that this problem is not difficult to solve, depending on when the official system to do a push update for this point on the line.

The biggest change of OriginOS is in the visual aspect, such as behavior wallpaper, icon style, photo album window, real-time status display of the phone in the console, etc., all have been adjusted very well and in line with the tone of the phone. It is also very easy to learn, and the operation logic can be quickly started. From this level alone is still very big progress. After all, when you go to the experience store to play with the phone, the first thing you can see with your eyes is what is displayed on the screen, and OriginOS has made this “thing” different from the current phones, and quite beautiful.


iQOO 7 this time in the lens compared to the previous generation of iQOO 5 only one change, that is, the previous generation of 50-megapixel main camera replaced with a 48-megapixel main camera, the other two lenses are still 13-megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera + 13-megapixel portrait camera, the 2-megapixel digital gap is not a key role, so the focus of iQOO 7 is its main camera changed.

So after the change will have an impact on photography and video, let’s use the actual sample to speak.

The sample photos show that the focus of the pine tree pine needles and the background scenery has a sharp defocus contrast, and in the center of the focus of the pine, cone part has good sharpness, such as a direct hand shot out of the plant photos no retouching can be sent directly to friends; another photo of the large scene environment, the color contrast between the building and the distant sky is not so bright, more in line with the light environment and the actual situation of the day, the whole picture is very bright, the perception of the winter in the north has not felt out of that sense of cold, more like the warm sun in early spring.

The iQOO 5 camera supports 2x optical zoom and up to 20x hybrid zoom, the actual imaging results are as follows.

According to the news that this year’s flagship phones are also not commonly used periscope lens to do telephoto, the reason is unknown for the time being, but one of the benefits of the phone is the thickness can not do so brick, and if you want to take some telephoto photos, then the iQOO 7 presented above a few samples, but also enough to meet the daily life of framing.

Night mode, iQOO 7 camera photography is still amazing, especially the extreme night mode sample comparison, really look once amazed, as the night vision general presentation effect, the night into day in minutes.

It should be noted that only in the extreme night mode, that is, the whole picture only a drop of light, the phone will automatically open the extreme night mode, and it will take photos to show the effect of the last set of sample contrast, the normal night mode, the phone will only be presented in a brighter, clearer direction, there will not be such a large contrast performance, but also more in line with the effect of night photography.

iQOO product manager at the launch also brought many interesting scenarios on the iQOO 7 photos, such as old photo repair, now the old photo repair is no longer said to be only unclear photo repair clear, iQOO 7 can even directly to the black and white blurred old photo repair clear and then add color, playability is also very powerful, but in the final analysis, this is only Cell phone software problems, and the camera’s hard power has little to do with it, so it should be classified as entertainment.

In addition to the popular cell phone video, iQOO 7 also has a built-in short video and VLOG two modes, VLOG belongs to its template, according to the camera scene it gives you to video on the line, and then the system will automatically clip the video effect; short video mode, the entire camera interface is all tips, everything is according to the camera to you, you can quickly cut a good short video release it, is also very easy to get started.


As a veteran in performance, iQOO in hardware configuration is never bad. iQOO 7 is equipped with the Snapdragon 888 mobile platform, which is the second Snapdragon 888 flagship SoC cell phone you can buy and is also the lowest starting price of the new Snapdragon 888, and the entire system comes standard with enhanced LPDDR5 and enhanced UFS 3.1.

The LPDDR 5 supports 6400Mbps and is equipped with Vivo’s exclusive memory fusion technology, which supports runtime memory expansion, that is, the ROM of your system can be fused into the RAM, 8BG memory is equivalent to 11GB, 12GB memory is equivalent to 15GB, very black technology; the enhanced UFS 3.1 reaches 117.3% random write speed, realizing 2GB file copy to fast in just 10 seconds, as a veteran player in performance, iQOO once again played this aspect to the extreme.

About Snapdragon 888, I believe that everyone concerned about the AnTuTu Benchmark platform, is also very familiar with it, so let’s go straight to the iQOO 7 score results.

According to the AnTuTu Benchmark performance score test, we have the iQOO 7 top 12GB + 256GB version of the score of 734304 points, storage test score of 64257 points, enough than the previous generation of iQOO 5 higher than the 10W+ score, 5nm process Snapdragon 888 will be used as the standard for the first half of this year’s flagship for the major brands of new machine escort, and the second half of the year will not continue if Snapdragon 888 Plus will be launched, depending on the market demand.

Games and battery

iQOO 7 is equipped with a 4000mAh battery, someone once said that in the case of high power consumption of 5G phones, 4000mAh battery capacity is a threshold and iQOO 7 just over this threshold.

After the author’s personality test, after 31 minutes of game time of “Peace Elite”, iQOO 7’s battery reduced from 67% to 55%, dropping 12%, “Peace Elite” game screen temporarily does not support the opening of 90Hz high frame rate mode, so the power consumption of this test is not the highest quality configuration, but can have such power consumption, it is considered moderate put.

Another game “Genshin Impact”, after 30 minutes of game time, the image quality all open to the highest and the limit and 60Hz refresh rate, iQOO 7 power consumption 18%, is also acceptable range.

iQOO 7 this publicity Slogan is the full sense of touch, so its focus is all on touch, it is equipped with dual control under the screen pressure sensing, dual linear motor, dual speakers composed of the full sense of control system, from the operation, vibration, hearing a full range of enhanced gaming experience, so that the game is no longer just a visual sensation on the eyes, but the whole person’s immersion.

As the official KPL game machine, the game experience and life experience are also strong. iQOO 7 through cooperation with Huya and Kuaishou, solve the problem of headphones can not hear the game sound when live, and to achieve multi-application simultaneous recording, anchor game chat, and live both.


Charging, iQOO 7 standards with the widely acclaimed 120W FlashCharge technology, which is the previous generation of iQOO 5 Pro on the exclusive super-fast charging solution, while iQOO 7 standard 120W chargers, compatible with support 65W PD protocol, and equipped with 1.5 meters charging cable, convenient for more devices. An approach, that hits those brands that sell phones without even sending a charger.

After the author’s actual test, iQOO 7 from the phone 0% off the screen to start charging, just 15 minutes can be fully charged 4000mAh, 0-5 minutes to 46%, 0-10 minutes to 80%, the efficiency is amazing, it seems that the future charging data chart to be accurate to 1-minute interval to count, or an inattentive, the phone’s battery is full.


iQOO 7, as the first new flagship of iQOO in 2021, is also equipped with Snapdragon 888, the second mass production of listed phones, all aspects of the configuration are very strong. Which is also the iQOO brand since its inception has been adhering to the spirit of faith, and iQOO also from the original single cost-effective model to the current increasing emphasis on workmanship and experience, so that the excellent point of the phone is no longer confined to the traditional hardware configuration, more focused on the hardware configuration of the experience transmitted to the hands of users, which is the right direction for a brand to pull up the tone.

And the iQOO 7 is such a representative, it is in the past Processor + RAM + ROM, performance based on the IRON TRIANGLE. The focus on improving the global touch, the efforts are used in a better game audio and video experience, no matter what, all give you a pair, dual X-axis horizontal linear motor, dual speakers, dual under-screen pressure sensor so that all the “good things” can be “double.”

Source: Above review originally published on AnTuTu Benchmark.

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