Redmi K40 Series Price and Varients Leaked while VP Share Battery Life

Redmi K40 Series Price

Redmi K40 Series Price, Varients and Battery Life

The new Snapdragon 8 series chip has once again become the leader of the Android camp, Xiaomi and Qualcomm continue to work hand in hand to win together, with the Snapdragon 888 processor Xiaomi 11 becoming the best crossover at the end of 2020, as Xiaomi’s sub-brand Redmi cell phone, under the tree of Xiaomi to get more resources. For Redmi new k40 series, Lu Weibing announced on Weibo, next month a new conference.

From the perspective of the entire cell phone industry on the layout of new models in 2021, the imminent arrival of the new Redmi K40 series is to be expected, as the Redmi K series flagship models equipped with Snapdragon 888 processor is also a normal iteration, but from the poster to see the price from 2999 RMB, is a surprise, which was originally done at the end of the launch, but now in advance in the first round of pre-launch posters.

Also, news that the phone’s screen is likely to be the “most expensive straight screen” has undoubtedly made it a hot topic of discussion among Redmi fans. The Redmi K40 is equipped with what could be the most expensive straight screen, a Snapdragon 888 chip, and with pricing starting at 2999 RMB, it may be the most cost-effective phone in the eyes of the entire world.

Redmi K40 Battery Life

Most recently, a screenshot of the Redmi K40 battery life in Lu Weibing’s Weibo post. The screenshot shows that after 10.5 hours of use, the K40 still has 64 percent of battery power, and the MIUI system predicts that the K40 can still be used for 25 hours and four minutes with the remaining 64 percent of battery power. Lu Weibing did not reveal the use of the machine, whether it is 10 hours of normal/moderate/power saving mode use, the actual device will define final performance. The Redmi K40 will have a battery capacity of over 4,000mAh, a value that has not yet been officially disclosed. Besides, from the screenshots, the Redmi K40 screen resolution is 2400 × 1080 pixels.

Redmi K40 Battery Life

Apart from the flagship Snapdragon 888 SoC, Redmi also warming up MediaTek’s flagship SoC, which also packed with the Redmi K40 series model. Combining with the AnTuTu Benchmark’s report, some bloggers exposed Redmi K40 Series price, version, and storage options.

Redmi K40 Series Price and Varients

As you can see, the K40 series is divided into K40 and K40 Pro two versions, and the official price of 2999 yuan is only the top price of the standard version of K40, the standard version of the K40 entry version will replace the processor for MediaTek’s Dimensity 1200, which will also be MediaTek’s first 6nm process flagship chip this year, while the price has also been pulled down to 2299 yuan, which can be described as cost-effective.

The price of the K40 Pro is much higher, but the whole system is equipped with Snapdragon 888 processor, the highest with 12GB+256GB version of the price reached 3999 yuan, just overlapping with the price of the entry version of Xiaomi 11. The price of all of them can be said to be credible because they just take over the price range that Xiaomi 11 does not cover, which is also the price range that Redmi is best at. With two new flagship chips, plus some high-end designs from Xiaomi 11, the Redmi K40 is expected to be a big seller again this time.

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