Xiaomi 11 More Features in Detail: Known, Some Unknown

Xiaomi 11 More Features in Detail: Known, Some Unknown

Xiaomi 11 More Features

Xiaomi Mi 11 debuts Snapdragon 888 at the end of last month with various notable unique features. Earlier we have discussed Xiaomi 11 design, and heart rate detection fingerprint scanner. Today we will highlight Xiaomi 11 more features – audio, WI-FI, and display in detail.

Xiaomi 11 Audio: Not only Harman Kardon but Xiaomi 11 also has these good audio features

According to Xiaomi, Xiaomi has been the leader in dual-speaker stereo technology in the cell phone industry, and as of December 28, the Xiaomi 10 Pro has continued to dominate the DXOMARK audio reviews for 320 days (today, still at the top), even being hailed as a “music phone” by netizens. Dual speakers for cell phone experience is to improve the left and right channels separate sound, so that the external playback more spatial sense, in listening to music, watching movies, playing games to achieve immersive, very immersive.

This Xiaomi Mi 11 not only has a powerful stereo dual-speaker hardware but also obtained the official certification of Harman Kardon, a world-renowned audio brand that has been cultivating the field of acoustics for 67 years. In Harman Kardon’s most discerning “golden ears” and Xiaomi audio engineers repeatedly sculpted, so that the Xiaomi 11 dual-speaker emitted every sound is fantastic.

Xiaomi 11 Harman Kardon Sound

Xiaomi 11, the Harman Kardon in cell phones

When the Xiaomi 11 in your hands to open the Harman Kardon sound, whether you open the video, music, or listening to books, can intelligently identify the use of the scene, matching the corresponding acoustic curve, with the current scene of the best sound experience.

At the same time, Xiaomi 11 also supports 24bit encoding playback, compared to the ordinary cell phone 16bit encoding playback not only can restore more integrity of the original sound, in low volume can achieve almost no bottom noise playback effect, if you have the habit of listening to books at low volume before bed, then 24bit encoding playback will be excellent hypnotic magic.

Bluetooth sound transmission, cell phone into a microphone in seconds

Many people will encounter in the conference room meeting can not hear the speaker’s speech, then the Xiaomi Mi 11 “wireless microphone” Bluetooth sound transmission function will come in handy. Turn on the wireless microphone, your Xiaomi 11 seconds into a microphone, just need to use Bluetooth to connect a Bluetooth speaker to achieve the effect of amplified sound.

Because of the traditional Bluetooth time delay, in the Bluetooth sound transmission will appear in the speaker broadcast sound slower than the human voice, resulting in a slight sense of “echo”, and Xiaomi Mi 11 using a similar principle of real-time ear return Bluetooth sound transmission, when the human voice into the phone-mic, not through the CPU directly through the DSP processing through the Bluetooth speaker, to reduce the digital signal bypass, so that the speaker can be released. Reduce the digital signal bypass situation, so that the human voice and Bluetooth speakers without lag.

Bluetooth sharing, music for two people to listen together

In the use of Bluetooth headphones to listen to music often encountered when you want to share the scene with the family, traditional cell phones can only be connected to a pair of headphones at the same time, when sharing only one person an ear to listen to, it is difficult to perfectly restore the stereo sound effect.

Xiaomi Mi 11 adopts a self-researched multi-way Bluetooth connection algorithm, supporting simultaneous output of two Bluetooth data streams, which can connect two Bluetooth speakers at the same time to form a louder field, and can connect two pairs of Bluetooth headphones at the same time so that couples can share the same music and the same movie during long trips and public transportation.

Not only that, but Xiaomi Mi 11 also supports Hi-Res Audio Wireless certification, you can still enjoy the high-quality sound when listening to music using Bluetooth.

Xiaomi 11 in connection with Bluetooth headphones is also able to customize and select the prefabricated equalizer EQ, by adjusting each frequency band to increase or decrease the benefit of the Bluetooth headset sound tuning, customize the sound more suitable for you.

Sound field expansion for more stunning movies

Although Xiaomi 11 has strong stereo dual speakers, the phone’s dual speakers are still relatively close to each other, in the actual speaker playback scenario, the left ear will hear the sound of the right speaker, the right ear will also hear the sound of the left speaker, so that the sound field becomes narrower, affecting the sense of stereo.

Xiaomi 11 has also optimized this situation by weakening the left and right channel crosstalk to enhance the sense of space, the principle is somewhat similar to active noise cancellation headphones. The Xiaomi 11’s dual speakers work in real-time to generate special signals to offset some of the inward sound waves of the left and right channels, neutralizing some of the sound crosstalk, thus allowing the Xiaomi 11 to have a wider sound field.

Multi-application media-sound adjustment, different app custom volume

When playing a game, you want to listen to the game sound effects and also want to listen to the song, in the past, this time get is two App sound can only increase or decrease at the same time, either both can not hear, or both can not hear.

After the sound assistant of Xiaomi 11 is opened, you can adjust the volume of each app separately when there are multiple apps playing sound at the same time, and increase the volume of music apps while turning down the game sound, so that you can enjoy both music and games.

Xiaomi 11 vs iPhone 12 Pro Max Speaking Quality Comparison (No evolution, decide yourself…)

Xiaomi 11 vs iPhone 12 Pro Max Speaker Comparison (Credit: Weibo)

With the support of Harman Kardon certification, Xiaomi 11 has a strong and powerful stereo amplification effect, but strong is not only the sound quality, but it can also help you achieve a lot of audio experience that you want to get, never thought of, and it is because of these people have no I have, people have my excellent quality experience so that Xiaomi’s high-end road more solid.

Xiaomi 11 WiFi 6 enhanced version: A comprehensive understanding

Xiaomi 11 is equipped with a WiFi 6 enhanced version, enhanced not only a little bit, the rate is faster, but also has a stronger WiFi signal through the wall, regardless of open places or complex household type, WiFi 6 enhanced version performance and fast and stable. To verify the strong performance of the Xiaomi 11 WiFi 6 enhanced version, Xiaomi shot 4 test videos, which include both laboratory limit test and daily use scenario test, and then we will take a look at the great performance of the WiFi 6 enhanced version.

Boosting WiFi signal strength on the cell phone side of the real test can penetrate 4 walls!

When we buy a router, we often see the router on the publicity page to say how strong the product through the wall performance, but the actual work in the WiFi process, only the outer side can penetrate the wall does not necessarily achieve WiFi signal through the wall but also need to cooperate with the cell phone side.

Xiaomi 11 vs iPhone 12 Pro Max WiFi Speed Test (In Hotel)

Xiaomi 11 on the cell phone side to add through the wall mode, in through the wall WiFi environment can still play games! Xiaomi set up Xiaomi router AX6000 in the room and access to 300Mbps bandwidth network, in the room across 4 walls in the iPhone 12 Pro Max has no signal, but Xiaomi 11 still have a 116Mbps connection rate. It can be seen that only the router through the wall, the effect is not obvious, router, phone double through the wall to get a better experience.

Xiaomi 11 vs iPhone 12 Pro Max WiFi Speed Test (In stadium)

To test the extreme performance of Xiaomi 11 WiFi, Xiaomi also conducted WiFi connection tests in the stadium, in the goal 53 meters away from the router, 114 meters in the bottom stands and 161 meters in the top stands, Xiaomi 11 connection rate is better than the iPhone 12 Pro Max. The connection rate of Xiaomi 11 is 103Mbps at 300 meters.

The download speed is doubled with 4096QAM and 160MHz bandwidth!

Xiaomi 11’s WiFi 6 Enhanced, with 4096QAM encoding technology, allows more data to be included in each packet. 1024QAM in the WiFi 6 era was already very dense, and the 4096QAM used in WiFi 6 Enhanced is much denser, with a 20% increase in throughput over 1024QAM. Simply put, 1024QAM is like a truck carrying up to 1 ton of cargo, while 4096QAM is a truck that can carry 1.2 tons of cargo, which can transport 20% more cargo in a single trip on the same freight path.

At the same time, WiFi 6 enhanced version supports a 5GHz band will use 160MHz bandwidth, the speed is 1 times higher than 80MHz. 80MHz bandwidth is like driving on a single lane highway, the efficiency of transporting packets is limited, while 160MHz bandwidth is like a double lane, the efficiency of transporting packets is fully doubled.

Xiaomi 11 vs iPhone 12 Pro Max Download Speed Test

To test the download limit speed of Xiaomi 11, Xiaomi downloaded a 1GB file in the shielded lab with Xiaomi Router AX6000, iPhone 12 Pro Max to complete the download using 10.2 seconds, while Xiaomi 11’s WiFi 6 enhanced version completed the download in just 5.3 seconds, almost doubling the rate.

File transfer Speed Test

In the Xiaomi 11 transfer speed test video, Xiaomi is in the office environment, two Xiaomi 11 through WiFi 6 Enhanced network for one-touch switching, 103GB of data in just 11 minutes and 16 seconds to complete the entire switching process. And Xiaomi 10 based on ordinary WIFI 6 network switch took 18 minutes and 42 seconds, Xiaomi 11 switch efficiency can be greatly improved.

Xiaomi 11 Screen

Professional color accuracy” and “eye-pleasing” Xiaomi 11’s screen detailed evolution

Xiaomi 11 boasts a world-class smartphone screen with textbook perfect calibration accuracy and display capabilities that are extremely impressive and arguably very close to perfection.” DisplayMate.

This screen, Xiaomi 11, is outrageously strong. 6.81-inch quad-curved small micro-curved design, 2K super retina screen, 120Hz variable speed high refresh rate, the latest E4 light-emitting material, peak brightness of 1500nit, 8192 levels of automatic brightness adjustment, and new generation Corning Gorilla Victus glass. All these hard indicators make Xiaomi 11’s screen a real “good screen” in the industry, and even broke the 13 records of DisplayMate, a professional screen evaluation agency, and got the best DisplayMate A+ score.

Highest color accuracy

ΔE ≈ 0.41 / JNCD ≈ 0.38, the piece is a professional display of the original color screen.

Among the 13 new records, one is Xiaomi’s traditional strength, which is “the highest color accuracy”. The most difficult part of cell phone screen color accuracy is to ensure the uniformity of color accuracy of each screen. Since 2019 Xiaomi 9 Pro released the original color screen, Xiaomi have used a “dumb” method, through advanced calibration technology and sophisticated algorithms, the screen of each phone are professionally calibrated to ensure that each phone has a professional color performance, the color difference can reach the level of professional display devices.

This not only makes the screen display consistent with the real world color but also can meet the needs of designers, photographers, and other people who have high requirements for screen color accuracy.

In this Xiaomi 11 upgraded the calibration method of the original color screen: firstly, the color analyzer was calibrated using a spectral radiation luminance meter to ensure the accuracy of the calibration instrument; then the color analyzer was used to measure 49 color nodes, luminance information, chromaticity information and other aspects of each Xiaomi 11 screen model piece by piece; and then through Xiaomi’s own research 3DLut screen calibration algorithm of the phone. The color space of the screen is calibrated to the closest standard color space; finally, the color calibration table is stored in the screen chip.

Xiaomi 11 Display

After the calibration is completed, Xiaomi also performs ΔE color difference verification to ensure that the screen can achieve professional-grade color accuracy. After completing this closed-loop process, the Xiaomi 11 is considered to have truly achieved the highest color accuracy as stated by DisplayMate.

It is worth mentioning that Xiaomi’s 3D Lut screen calibration algorithm is used in every production line of Xiaomi 11, which further improves the screen color accuracy by as much as 20% compared to the previous generation. ΔE<2 is the standard for professional displays, and Xiaomi 11 ΔE≈0.41, JNCD≈0.38, which can be said to be the best in cell phone screen color accuracy.

The first “Natural Mode” color style: Even if the phones are different, they can still have the same display effect

Xiaomi primary color screen has a very good reputation in the professional field and professionals, but there are still many ordinary users who feel that the primary color screen color accuracy but the visual impact is not enough, so Xiaomi 11 has the “highest color accuracy” primary color screen mode at the same time, but also the first “natural” mode color style to please more users’ eyes. It solves a user pain point.

In the process of using cell phones, people often wonder: Why is the picture seen on my phone different from the one seen on other phones? Repair half a day’s picture, I feel sure to get friends photography contest champion, but others see this picture, but reply that the color is light and no flavor or color is too rich too gaudy, which is where the problem is?

The hardware parameters of the screen used in each phone in everyone’s hands are different, resulting in a different range of colors that can restore the colors in the real world, and theoretically the wider the color gamut the richer the colors displayed on the screen. However, because the color space of pictures on the Internet, pictures were taken and stored by users is also different, the color gamut of pictures and the color gamut of the phone screen without color management will lead to some pictures with a small color space sRGB, which will show an oversaturated state on the P3 wide color gamut screen of the user’s phone, which is the case of overly rich colors as mentioned above.

When the natural mode is turned on, Xiaomi 11 restores the standard colors of the content by automatically identifying the color gamut of the displayed pictures, so that all pictures can already display normal colors by way of color management.

Also to make the screen color more pleasing to the eye, Xiaomi screen R&D engineers found nearly 5,000 key colors that most affect the user’s perception in the 3D Lut color lookup table in the phone, and mapped the chroma values of these 5,000 colors and their surrounding colors to the most comfortable color space for the human eye.

And other phones display the same picture, Xiaomi 11 can achieve almost the same color display effect, since then, you carefully shot, color mixing and released after the circle of friends, friends with other brands of cell phones can also see the same effect, this photography competition, you are still the champion.

Xiaomi 11 Display

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