Rog Phone 4 3C Certification: Charging And Battery Capacity Confirm

Asus Rog Phone 4 3C Certification

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Asus Rog Phone 4 3C Certification

Earlier, ROG Gamer Nation’s official microblogging announced that a new generation of ROG gaming phones will soon debut, still launched in cooperation with Tencent, the specific naming has not been announced. If you follow the naming rules, it should be Asus ROG Phone 4, but given the special nature of this number, many manufacturers choose to skip, ROG may also be the case. With a 6000mAh gaming-grade super battery, the heavy game plays a day-use also without any pressure and problems.

In the first half of 2021, Black Shark 4 and Red Magic 6, members of the Snapdragon 888 gaming phone, will accelerate 120W fast charging and 4500mAh battery capacity. While Asus Rog Phone 4 has other plans. Recently Asus Rog Phone 4 passed 3C certification with model number ASUS_I005DA. According to the Asus Rog Phone 4 3C certification, the device is equipped with a charger that supports up to 65W super flash charging, while the phone itself is also supporting up to 65 watts of charging power.

ASUS I005DA: 5VDC-20VDC 3A, 60W (power adapter: A320Q-200325C-CN output: 5Vdc 3A (normal mode); 9Vdc 3A, 15Vdc 3A, 20Vdc 3.25A (fast charge mode); PPS: 3.3-11Vdc 5A 3.3-21Vdc 3.25A 65W MAX)” 3C certification mentioned; which further charging adaptor’s adaptive charging: 15W for normal mode, and 27W/45W/65W. Besides it also supports PPS (Programmable Power Supply): 3.3-11Vdc 5A 3.3-21Vdc 3.25A 65W MAX.

Asus Rog Phone 4 3C Certification

The Rog Phone 4 is expected to become one of the flagship models with the largest battery capacity in the Snapdragon 888 processor camp at this stage. The detailed parameters of the machine are not yet known, and we still need to wait for further official news.

It’s worth noting that the official ROG pre-release poster actually hides a mystery. The poster shows the astrological linkage of Aries, and the time belonging to Aries is March 21-April 19, so the official may imply that Asus Rog 4 will debut with the public during this period. Besides, combined with the phone outline diagram in the poster, the ROG Phone 4’s full-screen design will be one of the highlights.

Rog Phone 4 Official Poster

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