Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Camera Modules and Hardware Specific Information

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Camera Modules and Hardware Specific Information

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Camera Modules and Hardware

On January 14th, Samsung officially released the Galaxy S21 series for the world, is the earliest S series flagship released in recent years, in previous years is basically in February. Specifically, the Samsung Galaxy S21 series contains a total of three models, Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21+, Galaxy S21 Ultra, configuration with the naming increment. The highest configuration of the S21 Ultra, which uses a 6.8-inch Dynamic AMOLED 2X screen, dual-curved form, resolution of 3200×1440, glass for Corning Gorilla Victus.

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Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Hardware Specifications in detail (Chinese Version)

Galaxy S21 Ultra Display: New generation Dynamic AMOLED 2X, support 1440 x 3200 pixels and 120Hz full on, 1500nit peak, module model S6E3HAD (Note20 Ultra is S6E3HAC, S20 Ultra is S6E3HAB)

Galaxy S21 Ultra CPU/GPU: Snapdragon 888, CPU and GPU frequency and the two seen no difference, GPU drive old a drop, V522, rice and cool is V525. High frequency LPDDR5, Samsung 128 layer new UFS 3.1 (iQOO 7 same). The same because of the Snapdragon platform encryption algorithm, resulting in run scores consistently written only about 800, and other run scores do not look much better.

Galaxy S21 Ultra Camera Modules:

The new 108Mp main camera with enhanced focus, image quality and core parameters are no different from HM1. But you can notice that the lens is wider, the previous generation was 79°. Dual telephoto CMOS, the bottom is not large, but rich in focal length, the bottom is the IMX374 Samsung version of the Exynos version of the S20/S21 front CMOS. the whole system standard with the new ultra-wide angle IMX563, especially in Ultra this with autofocus.

Charging IC is too familiar NXP’s PCA9468, this chip is widely used in Samsung phones with PPS fast charging, including the S20 Ultra with 45W gear is also this.

Fingerprint should be a new generation of Qualcomm ultrasonic, model QBT2608, before it was QBT2000, but in this machine also check a lot of QBT2000 keywords.

Wi-Fi/Bluetooth chip is still from good friends Qualcomm. Model BCM4389, this is the new chip released by Qualcomm last February, support Wi-Fi 6E, 160MHz, single frequency peak 2.4Gbps, theoretically do not need Wi-Fi 6E router can also dry to the peak. This chip is much stronger than the BCM4375 that has been used for two years, with a more advanced process, lower power consumption, faster, and support for Bluetooth 5.2. It is important to note that this is a chip exclusive to Ultra, the two little brothers did not.


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