Ni Fei: ZTE/Nubia Second-generation Under-screen Camera Phone Coming

Ni Fei: ZTE/Nubia Second-generation Under-screen Camera Phone Coming

ZTE/Nubia Second-generation Under-screen Camera Phone

Last September, ZTE took the lead in the industry with mass production of commercial under-screen camera technology, and the first model to launch this technology was the ZTE Axon 20 5G. For the other brands, the earliest information given by Xiaomi is that it will be listed in mass production this year, but ZTE has some different opinions about it.

The president of ZTE’s terminal division and the president of Nubia Technology Co., Ltd, Ni Fei, said in a post on his Weibo, “I remember half a year ago, we welcome more manufacturers and eco-developers to work together to build a true full-screen ecology, and recently we have noticed that many manufacturers have announced new news about their under-screen products. I can’t wait for our mass production of second-generation products to meet you all. I can’t wait for our mass-produced second-generation under-screen products to be available to everyone. We’re in another meeting where we can only order take-out.

ZTE claims that the first generation of the under-screen lens first appeared on its Axon 20 5G phone, at the launch, ZTE claims to have overcome the balance of the screen display function and photo function, the main display area, and the brightness balance of the under-screen camera area and other industry challenges, and AI optimization of the photo effect, to achieve a clear, transparent front camera imaging quality. But after the experience, the under-screen technology does not achieve satisfactory results, and the resolution of the under-screen lens part can only reach 720P, which will form a more obvious visual contrast with the overall screen.

But anyway, ZTE still put this under-screen lens phone on sale, so now NiFei called the second generation of under-screen products seems to be nothing wrong. The details of the second generation of under-screen camera products were not revealed by Ni Fei. Previously, ZTE teased that it would launch the ZTE Axon 30 series and the Nubia Z30 series flagships this year, both of which are equipped with Snapdragon 888 flagship processors.

While speaking about the company’s new flagship, Axon 30. ‘The new generation of ZTE’s flagship Axon 30 will be equipped with the industry’s most powerful and pioneering imaging features next year,” Ni Fei emphasized at that time. It is not certain whether the second generation of under-screen new products is ZTE Axon 30 series or Nubia Z30 series, which is expected to be announced by ZTE soon.


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