Xiaomi Foldable Display Phone Captured in Subway

Xiaomi Foldable Display Phone Live Photos

Xiaomi Foldable Display Phone Live Photos

The subway has always been the preferred place of exposure for Huawei phones, but I did not know that Xiaomi also thought of a place with Huawei, Weibo bloggers broke the news claiming to have seen someone using a Xiaomi foldable display phone in the subway. Although there are only a few manufacturers such as Samsung Huawei, that can produce foldable display phones, it is clear that to maximize the screen, the foldable display seems to be the only solution.

Today, a netizen broke the news that the suspected Xiaomi foldable display phone device was seen on the subway, using a similar internal folding scheme to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold, running the MIUI 12 system. However, from the picture, Xiaomi this foldable screen device screen size is relatively large after unfolding, do not know what exact size is.

Xiaomi has started the development of folding screen devices a few years ago internally, as early as January 2019 Xiaomi co-founder and Xiaomi Group Vice-Chairman Lin Bin has shown Xiaomi folding screen engineering machine in video. That device also uses a dual-folding solution, combining the experience of using a tablet and a phone together perfectly. But unfortunately, the folding screen phone was not finally mass-produced to the market.

It is worth mentioning that previously there were reports that Xiaomi in the second half of this year, is expected to come up with three foldable display phones to the market, and has three different industrial design forms, respectively, external folding, internal folding, and flip-style.

The news said that the Xiaomi folding screen device will use the UTG ultra-thin flexible glass technology from Samsung, the current engineering machine can already support a 90Hz refresh rate display, the future is also expected to support 120Hz refresh rate.


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