Samsung Unpacked in Advance: Galaxy S21 Series All trailers, Promotional Material Fully Leaked

Samsung Unpacked in Advance

Samsung will officially hold the Samsung Unpacked launch today at 8.00 PM IST, when the Galaxy S21 series, which has been exposed for months, will be officially released to the market, and Evan Blass has brought a lot of promotional material in advance including all Galaxy S21 Series all trailers and hands-on video and photos.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Series all trailers and hands-on Videos

Samsung Unpacked Galaxy S21
Camera Do
GBP Master
UWB Master
Galaxy S21 Ultra S-Pen Demo
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Hands-on Experience
Galaxy S21 Ultra Single tale directors view
Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus Hands-on
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Design
Samsung Galaxy S21 Design

Evleaks shared the S21 series can be said to be the biggest protagonist of today’s Samsung launch, three models were unveiled, the appearance of the design needs no further explanation, and the rumors are the same, the biggest change in the rear shell or the lens, and the bezel into one design, looks stronger texture, and white models and black models take a different design, a high-gloss, a frosted.

The front screen looks amazing, first of all, the overall bezel screen ratio is excellent, in addition to a small central hole, including the upper and lower bezels are very narrow, compared to any phone now is not behind, it can be said that the distance from 100% full screen is only a shortage of under-screen lens.

Configuration, the machine’s screen upgraded to 3200 × 1440 resolution, support 120Hz high brush, support IP68 level waterproof and dustproof, battery capacity of 5000mAh, the maximum RAM reached 16GB, and the top version of the Galaxy S21 Ultra will also support the S Pen stylus for the first time.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Series Specifications Comparison

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus

Samsung Galaxy S21

Samsung Galaxy S21 Series Hands-on Photos

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