Samsung OLED Laptops Display: BLADE BEZEL is Thinnest, lightest, and has Under Screen Camera

Samsung OLED Laptops Display: Samsung BLADE BEZEL

Samsung OLED Laptops Display: BLADE BEZEL

As previously reported that Samsung is about to launch an OLED display for a laptops. Following the news, through YouTube Samsung display today announced, Samsung OLED for laptops and notebooks will debut with UPC under-screen camera technology.

Samsung OLED Laptops Display

The video shows the Samsung BLADE BEZEL technology trademark, screen highlights include outstanding screen appearance, equipped with a transparent camera hole; has a strong sense of immersion. From the official pre-release video, Samsung OLED Notebooks compared to the traditional display 85% screen-to-body ratio, the Samsung Laptop OLED screen-to-body ratio of up to 93%. At the same time, Samsung used “unprecedented” to describe the thinness of its OLED notebooks.

Samsung OLED Laptops Display

According to the official introduction, Samsung OLED Laptop Display thickness bottom half of the traditional display, only 1.0mm (traditional notebook screen thickness of 2.1mm), while the screen weight reduced to 130g, 30% lightweight. In this regard, some users said, it seems that Samsung is planning to test the under-screen camera technology in the notebook, and then down to the phone after maturity. Samsung Display officially announced that it will launch more than 10 notebook OLED displays in 2021 to enter the notebook market.


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