Mi 11 Pro may Feature 80W Wireless Charging

80W Wireless Charging on mi 11 pro

80W Wireless Charging on Mi 11 Pro

Last year its 80W wireless charging technology was announced by Xiaomi, specially customized more efficient wireless charging architecture and chip, independently designed composite coil system. At the same time, with the use of MTW multi-pole ear fast-charging battery and dual 6C tandem cells, with multi-stage variable current regulation and MiFC fast charging and many other “acceleration” technology, 4000mAh battery can be charged half in 8 minutes, 19 minutes to 100%.

80W Wireless Charging Demonstration

Comprehensive all the current news, can basically confirm the existence of Xiaomi 11 Pro, is expected to debut in late February, whether there will be a super flagship Mi 11 Pro+ which is temporarily unknown. The latest revelations from Digital Chat Station, say that Xiaomi’s new flagship is testing 80W wireless charging, has entered the verification phase, if it goes well, the first half of the year will have a mass-production machine listed.

Moreover, Xiaomi 80W wireless second charge can still maintain more than 90% effective capacity after 800 complete charges and discharges, without sacrificing battery health. From the official claim, Xiaomi 80W wireless second charge charging speed is fully comparable to some wired fast charging, such as the common 44W, 65W, and other high-powered wired charging, which is the highest known charging speed and power wireless charging.


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